Summer Blog Episode 11 – Headphones and Lipsticks, Testicles and Handbags (Final Episode III)

On the Friday before our two weeks summer holiday to Europe, what a beautiful morning it was.  Life had been hectic, up until that morning.  I felt so lifted that morning.  And as I walked towards our car, I stopped, and realized that I have forgotten to bring something important to work.

“Oops. Where are my headphones?” asked I.  Cynthia reached into her handbag and asked, “Do you want to borrow mine?”  I shook my head and answered, “Don’t worry.  I have another set in the car.”  “Another pair?!  How many headphones do you have?!”

Well, we are men.  We have backup accessories and devices everywhere we go.

“Like me having a lipstick on every handbag then?” Cynthia pondered.  “You have a lipstick in each of your handbag?!” exclaimed I.  And she nodded.  Maybe it is a girl thing.

You see.  Even after living with that someone for more than a decade, there are still much to be learned.

On the way to work, we were in an exceptional chatty mood.  Cynthia has recently moved into a new role, dominated by men.  Out of nowhere she asked, “Is it normal for men to shift the testicles during meeting?”

Good question.  I am pretty sure I have seen it before from time to time, when we have meetings with only men.  I mean, it is like scratching your head or digging your ears, yes?

“Hmm.  Do girls shift the boobs in an all-girl-meeting, when no men are watching?” I innocently inquired.  “Of course not!  We are civilized.  Not like men,” replied Cynthia.  “What do you girls do then?”

“Hmm.  We talk about makeup and handbags?”

Just when you think you know what the world of the opposite sex is like.

By the time you read this episode, I shall be on my way back to Singapore.  Right now as I am doing my final round of edit for this entire series, I feel as though I have time traveled forward, picture how you would react reading this series, and back.  And by the time I read this again, I wonder if I would think that this series is indeed a silly idea.  Don’t blame me.  Blame Bob the Bot™.

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