Summer Blog Episode 7 – Organic Vegetable Noodle With Soup

Recently I have been experimenting in becoming a quasi-vegetarian.  There had been in the past heated debate between my friends and I on how healthy, or rather not healthy some vegetarian dishes are.  Granted.  San meat does not mean that it is good for health.  To take one level up, recently I have been experimenting with organic vegetarian food.  And there is one that I frequently visit, with Cynthia, because the restaurant is near to our Spanish school.  To be frank, Cynthia is not too keen on the dishes.  For me, when it comes to new experiences, my mind is pretty open.  And I think the “Vegetable Noodle with Soup” dish has put my open mind to the test.

Having tried almost all their menu times, I was curious on what “Vegetable Noodle with Soup” tastes like.  The amazing is, after spending close to half an hour consuming it, I have managed to deciphered how to cook it.  Here is the recipe.

Step 1 – Boil the water, cook the noodle, drain the water from the noodle, and put the noodle aside.

Step 2 – Boil the water, put in one piece of organic sweet corn, a few slides of dried seaweed (there is no organic seaweed, is there?), a few slides of organic tomatoes, a few slides of organic cabbage, a few slides of organic carrots, and two pieces of organic tofu.  I presume you know the order of which one to cook first (for example, sweet corns and carrots take the longest to cook).

Step 3 – Resist the temptation to add salt or any seasoning or flavoring.

Step 4 – Put the cooked noodle inside the organic vegetable soup.  Bring to boil and serve hot.

When Benny – my brother-in-law – heard my experience, he asked, “Is it appetizing at all?”.  I suppose that was why I took half an hour to consume the dish.  And when I looked around, there were dinners who took longer than I to finish their food.  I think that answers Benny’s question.

PS. Believe it or not, I am considering to add this into my regular home cooked diet because it is so easy to make.

4 thoughts on “Summer Blog Episode 7 – Organic Vegetable Noodle With Soup”

    1. AY – Have you tried the 99.99 fat free salad source? Use it on the Caeser Salad would be as unappetizing I think … ha ha ha.

      Seriously, that soup noodle is not that bad. I suspect our taste buds have been overly stimulated and we have momentarily lost the ability to taste the freshness of vegetables as they are.

  1. Hmmmm….such vegetarian soups do tempt me. But if it is not due to religious reasons, you can always try adding chicken backbones (carcass) to flavor up the soup. You don’t have to eat the chicken, just drink the soup and eat the veg :p …but you added tomatoes, I thought the soup should be quite good if tangy is the preferred taste for you.

    1. Tigerfish – Ah, adding chicken bones to the soup is indeed a great idea. Not for religious reason. Just that these days I get to appreciate a clean kitchen preparing for only vegetables and no meat involved.

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