Summer Blog Episode 6 – Who Created Zipper At The Back Of A Dress?

These cannot be coincidences, the more I think about it.

If you are a man, imagine wearing or taking off a shirt with a long zipper all the way up from your waist to the back of your neck.  Or from the low side of your hip all the up to your armpit.  Whoever designed this concept and applied to the day-to-day fashion for the ladies, I wonder if practicality was something he or she had in mind.  But if that makes me, as the man of the house, feel more useful morning after morning, night after night, I am not complaining.

Opening of jars, changing of light bulbs, hooking and unhooking of bras – perhaps there is a conspiracy out there to make us men more useful.  One scene, in Gossip Girl, when Blair said the word ‘zip’ and Serena immediately sprung into action and helped out with the dressing in such fluidity, I could immediately relate.

2 thoughts on “Summer Blog Episode 6 – Who Created Zipper At The Back Of A Dress?”

  1. Heh, I just had this experience of zipping up my dress in the morning and I had to twist my arm in order to do so!
    Now that you mentioned…… hmmm you make sense! heh!

    I watched that scene in GG! I love GG, only that I don’t have much time to watch it 🙁

    1. G – Indeed. I think stuffs that you girls wear are somewhat uncomfortable. Like heals and etc. Yes, that dress zipper design never fails to amaze me.

      Ah, you have got to make time for GG! Hehehe.

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