Don’t Miss the 20th European Union Film Festival Here In Singapore (May 6-16)!

I love to watch European films.  What a coincident that Cynthia and I were invited to a blogger event for the 20th European Union Film Festival.  We had no clue why the event was hosted at Spain Embassy Residence.  Today, I read that Spain is the current rotating Presidency of the EU.  Now I know!  Last year about this time, Cynthia was here to apply a visa for our holiday in Spain.  And since we are learning Spanish, we took the opportunity to converse with our hosts from the embassy.  If they were surprised that some of us spoke Spanish during the event, Cynthia was as surprised when one of the Spanish staffs spoke Bahasa Indonesia with her.  The power of the ability to speak in one’s native language.  The bonding is instant.

Spain Embassy is located in Suntech City.  High floor.  The night view from the embassy is breathtaking, especially when the light was switched off during the presentation of one of the featured films.  I stopped for a moment admiring the beauty of our city, the progress of our society.  While I can’t pinpoint what Singaporean culture is exactly, I think many Singaporeans have worked hard for what we have built today.  As tangible as those high-rise commercial building, as intangible as the financial infrastructure that powers our growth.  And when the film started playing, I was as though being transported away from this city of ours and into somewhere in Europe – so drastically different.  Our hosts have highlighted that European films portray a slice of Europe’s diverse and rich culture.  That sums up well on why I love to watch European films.

Tickets are selling at Golden Villiage VivoCity.  Come join me for the festival!

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“Irina Palm” is a tragicomedy film about a 50 years old widow desperately in need of money for her grandson’s medical treatment.  Stumbled upon a sex shop, she is offered a job that makes about 600 to 800 pounds a week.  Quite honestly, I have no idea how the number adds up.  It is humorous in parts when you get to watch the main actress Marianne Faithfull taking us through, shall I say, the “technical” details of the job.  In other parts, it is pretty tragic.  Such emotional acting between the characters.  The job, the realization of how one’s talent can earn a decent amount of money, the transformation from being poor and desperate to coming to term with the reality, “Irina Palm” is a heartwarming film to watch.  While the topic of this film could be a taboo in some societies, it serves as a reminder to how diverse cultures are at a global level.  If you watch this with an open mind, you would enjoy the film like Cynthia and I do.

“Irina Palm” will be filming at GV Vivocity on May 8 (Sat) at 7pm.  Check out the rest of the program too.  There are 16 films of various topics to choose from. 

External Site: EU Film Festival 2010 Website.

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