This Saturday Our Band Will Perform At Bali Culture @ Orientus

This Saturday, April 24th at about 9.30 pm, our band “No Eye Candy” will perform at Bali Culture @ Orientus for a 40 minutes session.  Please drop by for a good time.  We shall have a full band playing original songs.  Expect crazy guitar licks from Jason, cool bass line from Cynthia, mad drumming from Wieke who has recently returned from Middle East (this week!), and I will take you through what inspired me to write those songs.

To get to Bali Culture @ Orientus, follow the direction in this link.  Bali Culture is a restaurant where you can chill out and enjoy your meal and drink.  We will start playing in the indoor stage once the football match ends (at about 9.30 pm in my reckoning).  If you wish to dine in Bali Culture, drop me an email and I will do my best to reserve a table for you.  Be there early and we can catch up before our show!

See you there … xoxo No Eye Candy!

8 thoughts on “This Saturday Our Band Will Perform At Bali Culture @ Orientus”

    1. Lora – I love your enthusiasm, my one and only supporter that evening. Ha ha ha. Maybe I shall do a quieter one for Bethany and get her to be a fan from young!

      1. Haha… Yes! Then you have 3 fans instead of 1! Benny would also be able to join. 😉

        Apart from quieter ones, may be happier songs? hehe 😛

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