My Rainy Days – Got Me Thinking Of Starting Anew

I enjoy watching Japanese movies.  Mainly because they often touch onto my emotional core.  Perhaps it is something to do with dramas.  Something to do with the way Japanese craft the stories.  If there is one thing that got me thinking late at night, long after finished watching “My Rainy Days” (天使の恋), that would be: It is never too late to start anew.

This movie poster draws attention, needless to say.  But there is a good reason for this photo composition (besides getting your attention of course).  In a way, you may need certain moral flexibility to appreciate the story.  I am not entirely convinced that the main actress Nozomi Sasaki can really act (though I do think she acts pretty well on the sad scenes).  She does look very much like Ayumi Hamasaki.  A younger and taller version perhaps.

A 2 hours movie with much time spent on the character development on Rio – the young teenager with questionable ‘career’ – and her falling in love with a 35 years old professor who is unable to have a relationship (something to do with an incurable disease that is made known minutes into the show).  Is this a typical plot?  Maybe.  But with a relatively more mature theme (not graphically), “My Rainy Days” is not quite the same as other Japanese films.

For those who are curious about the artist behind the main soundtracks, the group is called Love Psychedelico.  And I love their music.

4 thoughts on “My Rainy Days – Got Me Thinking Of Starting Anew”

  1. I was wondering if she was washing any clothes when I saw the advertisement in the Straits Times. Well, you have the full picture here and my answer. Heheheh.

    1. Shyue Chou – Oh, not nudity. It is about underage girls selling their bodies and blackmail clients for money, girls recruiting other underage girls for this business, lesbian love, suicides – all sorts of perhaps reality that seldom portrayed in this kind of genre. That’s what I meant by moral flexibility. To me, I am OK watching all of the above. To some, perhaps not?

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