Targus Laptop Bag And Mouse!

Has it come across to you that some brands are there but you are not noticing them and when you start looking, they are everywhere?  Out of the blue, I have received a request to try out the Targus products.  I seldom try out anything without knowing if it is good.  Coincidentally I was in the Funan IT Mall and all of a sudden, I saw Targus brand everywhere!  The laptop bags look stylish and of good quality.  So I replied: Sure, hit me with a backpack please!

And inside the bag, there is a mouse.  What a nice surprise!

Now, back to the laptop bag.  I have recently used it for our Fraser’s Hill trip (more photos to share, I promise).  It is surprisingly light, soft, comfortable to the shoulders, and it is built with water resistance materials too.  Don’t take my words for it.  Visit a store and check out the bags.  It is great for everyday use.  And if something more formal is what you would prefer, they have other ranges for just that.  I have quite a few formal laptop bags.  So I picked the casual sporty one instead.

It is said that Targus is the world’s top-selling laptop computer cases and accessories maker, renowned for quality and style.  I have to admit that the mouse (picture above) does look stylish, small enough to carry around, and its battery life is supposed to last for 15 months.  What impress me most is the tiny USB receiver.  I can practically leave it attached to my laptop all the time.

The recommended retail price of the backpack is S$119.90 and as for the mouse, S$49.90.  You may wish to check out its range of products here.


    1. Tigerfish – Ha ha ha, maybe I put too many things inside together with my laptop 🙂

      I have just started using it. It is durable eh, you say?

    1. Kiat – Ouch. I am hurt, lol. Really, it looks pretty good in real life. Maybe just the way I photographed it. I like it more for practical reason. Very light and comfortable to carry.

  1. I use targus bag for a while now, and it’s great. It comes with different designs, too for you to choose from. I wonder why they are not giving you a nicer one 😀

    1. Eric – Ha ha ha … I would blame the blogger, me! Well, I picked the back pack style as it is more useful for me. The formal one looks better I think.

  2. Pls tell me which shop that gave you to try b/pack above? Its looks very comfortable and trendy. I dont want to get disappted
    if the branch i went to don’t have this model, thats why i’m asking.

    Thks & Cheers!

    1. Ahmad – Thanks for dropping by. If you live in Singapore, I last saw shops in Funan carrying Targus bags. Perhaps you may wish to give them a call or pay them a visit? I am often not involve the sales process. Hope you understand 🙂

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