Right … So This Is Sherlock Holmes?

Pardon my lateness in writing this.  Given the recent turn of exciting events, I hope it is forgivable.  One may ask: Why write this type of entries for every movie you watch?  I am a Cancer and I am fond of collecting movie stubs.  Until one day I realize that the printing on the movie stubs faints over time.  Besides, I don’t get to collect every movie stub since not every ticket is purchased by me.  Now, I have a record of all the movies I have watched on big screens.  And if you read my so-called ‘reviews’, more often than not, I mix it with my diary making it more personal, more fun for me to read in the future.  Interestingly, some do find some of my views beneficial, which I am humbled.  Some find a common voice within, which I am even more humbled.

I have high hope on Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes”.  It is a classic, correct?  I must confess that I didn’t know who wrote “Sherlock Holmes” and I am amongst the group of readers who thought that Sherlock Holmes exists.  Between you and me, I even thought that “Sherlock Holmes” was written by Agatha Christie.  Now you know that I am not quite into the genre of detective stories.

Or more correctly, reading detective stories make me feel stupid.  Clues are supposed to be everywhere.  And you are supposed to solve the crime as you read the story.  Somehow, I am finding it hard to crack the cases.  As the detective takes the final stage explaining the case, like a magician who leads you to the third stage, the answer is right in your face.  And I always feel stupid, frustratingly inferior.  To whom?

Back to the movie.  Given any normal day release, “Sherlock Holmes” could well be an entertaining film to watch.  But you know during Christmas, there were tons of great movies to choose from (blue aliens anyone?).  We watched “Sherlock Holmes” on a large theater and the sound and image quality didn’t quite match the series of movies we have watched over the holiday season.

A couple of observations on “Sherlock Holmes”.  The filmmakers appear to have borrowed Doyle’s characters with the story written by someone else.  My questions are: Why not name these characters something else?  Why not adapt one of the original stories written by Doyle?  I suppose if the story is well known – though I have yet to read any of his books – many people would have known the ending.  And that is not a great detective story because … ?

Our friend TK seems to enjoy watching “Sherlock Holmes”.  Well, dude, if you want us to join you for “Sherlock Holmes 2”, you better join us for “Twilight 3”!


    1. Kiat – I know you love it … ha ha ha. Well, I am not really into detective genre.

      By the way, do you find the sound quality a bit odd at the Cathay Grand for this show? And the image quality too. Maybe if we were to watch it in a smaller theater, the experience would have been different eh?

      1. Didn’t really notice on the picture and sound quality. Was too happily enjoying the show 🙂

        And I didn’t fell asleep haha

        1. Kiat – Well, to be fair, I didn’t say that this show is not entertaining. Just finding it hard to compare with the few that we have watched over the holiday season. Not necessary because of big budget production like Avatar. An Education is rated as high as Avatar if not higher. But since that is an art movie, I suspect you may fall asleep on that … ha ha ha.

          By the way, do you read the subtitles when watching “Sherlock Homes”? At times I am finding it hard to hear the dialogs with the echo. The audio for the back speakers is a bit soft, I think.

          1. I guess there’s something wrong with the theatre you went to? Because the audio and image quality was quite fine to me and I don’t have the problems you had. (I went to the theatre in Causeway)

            1. Raine – Perhaps. I went to the Grand Cathay. And I remember there were some echoes on the dialogs. Or perhaps my eyes and years too conditioned by the big productions like Avatar etc.


              So, do you enjoy watching this film?

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