So I Am A Shopaholic?!

When I dreamed up my “do it now” theme for this new year, never has it crossed my mind that I would turn into a shopaholic on steroid.  Though, come to think of it, these are merely a cascaded list of delayed decisions over the years that sooner or later, someone – by that I mean either Cynthia or I, or realistically, by that I mean I need to make some decisions.  Get it over and done with so as to speak.

I had lunch with my rather well-to-do friend.  And I was lamenting on things at home that have broken down, or are at the verge of breaking down, badly in need of a replacement.  Like my two air conditioning units.  His response was: Things that we want to replace don’t break down (like his 3 years old panel TV, he said) while things that we don’t, they do.

Very true.  Like my 12 years old bulky color television.

Last week, Cynthia still asked why there was a need to replace our television in working condition.  Yesterday, the reasons were all written on her face as she was glued in front of our new “investment”.  My new investment.

*     *     I     *     *

I am happy that my oven is now working.  Even though it feels a tad expensive to get it repaired, replaced with new parts.  I am moderately happy with my computer’s new graphic card and a slight increase in screen size by two inches.  Because the setup that I have replaced is not that bad, even in today’s standard.  Of course, Cynthia is ecstatic with my old setup, for her computer.

My shopping spree like the storm and the wind does not stop there.  Finally, I have replaced the temperamental decade old rice cooker with a modern one.  My mother has warned me before she left Singapore last year: You better buy a new rice cooker before the next time I arrive.  And she is due to touch down at the airport this evening.  What happens to the old rice cooker?  Well, at times we get an electric shock in contact, at times the rice cooker refuses to get turned off and we don’t even notice until we realize that the kitchen is getting too warm.  Nothing serious really.  I put up with that for years.

And finally, I have replaced my old television with a flat panel one, replaced my hard disk recorder and the digital set-up box with the Hubstation HD, and I have replaced my Pioneer DVD with a Pioneer Blu-Ray player.

Oh happy day.

*     *     II     *     *

I must be amongst the last batch of viewers in Singapore who write about high definition (HD) contents delivered via the cable.  The picture quality is stunning.  I am not a TV kind of guy and I find myself unable to my eyes off the animals on the Discovery channel.  I don’t even know what I was watching, captivated by the images mainly.  I have predicted that Cynthia would be glued in front of the TV once I proudly unveiled our – or rather my – new investment.

And I was right.

Within minutes, Cynthia has figured out how to record the channels, set up her favorite list, and etc.  I knew I wouldn’t need to read the manual.  I have a TV addict living under the same roof.

Except, one friend of ours refuses to classify Cynthia as one.  An hour a day in front of a TV is far from being qualified as a TV addict.

Cynthia was furious.


*     *     III     *     *

Now that I am happily settled down with my new setup, I have become more furious with SingTel spoiling the party by tearing the sport channels away from Starhub.  How nice if I could watch F1 later this March with my current setup, and World Cup for Cynthia.  I am uncertain how are we going to fit another setup box into our living room.  This morning, switching on my computer triggered a power failure.  And I have to reroute the power cable of my plasma TV to another mains.

Although, if I was SingTel, I would have probably done the same.  Starhub’s Hubstation HD setup box comes with free phone line and free Internet.  And that is the bread and butter of SingTel.  Offering television broadcast is merely a counter tactical move by SingTel that happens to upset a lot of people, unfortunately.  From a long term perspective, I reckon SingTel will excel and more channels will be switched from the green camp (Starhub) to the red camp (SingTel).  From a short term perspective, I don’t think people on the ground like you and I are able to see any significant benefit.


*     *     IV     *     *

I am planning to get the Gossip Girl’s complete season 1 and 2 on DVD today, something I have been wanting to do for months.  And I am also planning to get a Blu-Ray disc today, to satisfy my curious mind.

Oh happy day.

4 thoughts on “So I Am A Shopaholic?!”

  1. you love Gossip Girl too!!!
    My DVD is spoilt and I have not been able to watch season 2 and all my friends are onto season 3 already! boo!

    I am very unahppy with the singtel – starhub fiasco!
    i don’t want another set top box!

    1. G – Season 3 is airing already? Great! I love Gossip Girl of course! I mean, from a guy who love to read Sophie Kinsella …

      Well, you are welcome to drop by my home and do a Season 2 marathon. I think you will need to bring your own pillow … kekeke.

      1. heh oh yes indeed! i am finally reading kinsella’s latest book and i am not loving it that much 🙁

        heh yes season 3 is out and my friend is at ep 12 now!

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