Still Wilfrid The Paparazzi, On Felicia And Nathaniel

My niece and nephew

If you recall, a year ago, I was happily sharing the exciting news of my nephew and I sharing the same birthday.  Decades apart, of course.  Looking back at that blog entry, what a bizarre piece of write-up I produced!  So much details then that I would have forgotten now.  Like I often say, keep a diary and keep writing it.  One form or another.

So I did get that dSLR camera.  Towards the end of our holiday in Indonesia, when Cynthia one day in her home in Bandung after we have visited her brother Eric’s home in Jakarta looked at my bulky camera gears, she asked, “You brought all these gears all the way from Singapore just to take pictures of Felice and Nathan?”  I nodded and replied, “Indeed.”

If the weather in Bandung was any better, I may have taken some dusk shots in around Cynthia’s house.  Unlike my trip a year ago, I now have a tripod.  But during our stay, Bandung rained and rained and rained.  Non-stop, every evening, which is OK, for I have prepared tons of things to do while relaxing at Cynthia’s home.

During this trip, instead of taking tons of photos, I have jotted down tons of writing ideas, including one possible book idea.  That book idea aside, I initially intended to start publishing the short stories inspired by my short trip to Indonesia starting today.  But then, why the rush?  Better rush the photos of my lovely nephew and niece instead, learned from experience.

6 thoughts on “Still Wilfrid The Paparazzi, On Felicia And Nathaniel”

  1. I love bandung. The weather is cool. Somehow I find the hygiene is better than Jakarta in terms of “food on the street”.

    Did you visit Mt. Tangkuban Perahu? It was my first visit to a volcano and was a memorable one.

    1. Alfred – Me too! And yes, the weather is cooler in Bandung. Also from a tourist point of view, it has much to offer. I am not sure if the hawker stalls that sell satay and etc. (or mee baso!) are considered as “food on the street”. I certainly do enjoy the food Bandung has to offer.

      Let me ask Cynthia if she has taken me to Tangkuban Perahu. Over the years, I have been to quite a few volcanoes in Bandung. My favorite so far is Kawah Putih (a few blog entries before this one). Probably because the photos turn out pretty well … lol.

      Bandung has so much potential to be a really good tourist spot. Just that I think the Indonesia government needs to work on the infrastructure to make it more tourist friendly.

  2. Welcome Back! 🙂 Wow~! Your niece and nephew are so big already… Nice pictures. :>

    B-R-O-T-H-E-R~~~~ Are you serious that your ENTIRE ALBUM only has 14 PHOTOS O-N-L-Y~~~~~~~~??????!!!!!!! You mean you spend all the time at that house with the kids having so much movements and expressions… Only 14???

    I know you can do MORE when you take pictures for my baby!! I WANT MORE! AND… I WANT ALL! LOL! 😀

    1. Lora – Aiyo … what happens to quality over quantity?! Ha ha ha.

      Yes, only 14 photos that I think that are of a reasonable quality. In fact, the kids were both not feeling well (poor Felice has an eye infection and Nathan was having a fever). And I was like working in a documentary, constantly looking at them from a distance through a tiny viewfinder holding my breath waiting for that one moment to snap a picture.

      Oh, what makes you think that I have brainwashed your husband to buy a dSLR camera? So that he can give you more and give you all mah … kekeke.

  3. A-Ha! I KNEW there was a reason why you were so keen on me getting the D90… But… dun think you can pass the buck bro… Lora and I will MAKE SURE we bring our baby to visit her Uncle Wilfrid VERY often… “Oh look at Uncle Wilfird’s nice camera… so nice to play… go and see-see-touch-touch…” (diabolical laughter)

    So, when the time comes, better grab hold of your Nikon and start shooting bro… If you don’t… our baby WILL! ~ LOL

    1. Benny – Uh oh. Not a pretty scene.

      But then bro, you know kids love colorful things. Where got babies wanna play with dull black color huge and heavy objects that don’t have many moving parts?! Kekeke. Looks like you are gonna give my sister more, and give her all … hahaha.

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