Wilfrid The Paparazzi, At Volcano “Kawah Putih” (Bandung South)

Such mist!

There are many reasons to process the photos not long after the trip.  First, viewers are sharp.  They may ask why this set of photos is not as good as the previous set.  Second, some people may look thinner or … erm … quite the opposite then than now.  Especially after one long year.  Third, it is always good to get the photo processing work out of the way, as soon as possible.

December 2008, we have visited Bandung.  And I have published four sets of photos.  This particular set of photos captured at the crater “Kawah Putih” is without a doubt my favorite collection.  Looking back, I wish my technique was better.  And the weather was really bad as well.  Nevertheless, I have attempted to put together an album with some … very offbeat captions!

  • Click here to view the entire album (53 photos)

Below is an extract of the album and oh, we shall be in Bandung by the time you read this!


    1. Kiat – Ya … almost a year. Sorry man. you know how slow I am at times.

      I thnk I have almost completed the entire album. Except if you remember the white pigeons inside a shopping mall? Hehehe.

    1. AY – Cynthia asked the same! Most of the photos, the color you see is as it was (those near the volcano peak). Except that “alien rocks” photo which I chose a cooler white balance, the rest captures the color of the mist, of the water inside the crater, and the color of the ground as it was.

      The next time I go, I will bring along a tripod. Wow … National Geographics … maybe you are referring to the mood it communicates?

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