My Little Sister Is Pregnant – And Photos From The Botanic Gardens

Being a photographer for my sister and Benny at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

In fact, as you can see in the photo above, she is very pregnant.  So, why am I keeping mum about this significant news for so long?  I don’t know, can’t really pinpoint.  I mean, she is my little sister and the thought that she is carrying a baby seems so out of my wildest imagination.  On the record, I am very happy for her and my good buddy who is responsible in this whole thing.  And too on the record, I have been persistently telling this happy couple  that the little one will call me “big brother”, instead of that forbidden U-word.  They protest of course saying that this is so against the tradition.  I highlight of course that whenever the little one calls me “big brother”, I will give the little one a gift.  One U-word from the little one and there will be no gift.

My parents and my little sister would testify that on the surface, I am not the warmest person on earth.  I am not brought up from a family that often hug each other, or to say I-love-you to one another.  I am not even someone who would get himself involved in his family’s day to day life.  Having confessed that, I do tend to drop everything I do if my family calls-for-action.

But all these have to change, somehow.  I have been trying to get more involved with my sister’s pregnancy.  One day out of the blue, she asked if Cynthia and I could join them for a weekend lunch and help them to take some photos.  I am more than happy to play a part in recording this significant timeline of theirs, especially having gone through some of the old photos that my dad has taken for us.

We love the Botanic Gardens.  My sister, my mother, and I could spend hours photographing everything under the sun, literally speaking.  Just March this year, I took my parents from Hong Kong to visit the Botanic Gardens.  And just March this year, my sister and her hubby got married in Singapore!  How time flies.

It was a very warm day, under the noon sun in the Botanic Gardens.  Benny was the golf umbrella carrier, to shield my little sister from the hot sun.  It has been a long time since I last went for a photo trip.  My back hurt a bit, my hands hurt a bit, but it was worth it.  I love the results of some of the shots.  Before the session, my sister hinted that I often take too long to process the photos.  I hinted that if we are to look for quality over quantity – especially if we are only looking for that one photo for the wall – it should be fast.  She then hinted that she would want to have all the photos in RAW format so that Benny can process then.  Uh-oh.  No way!

Below are some of the highlights.  May God bless this happy couple and the little one with good health.  And if it is not too much of a trouble, bless me with some extra energy to follow their journey like a paparazzi please.

14 thoughts on “My Little Sister Is Pregnant – And Photos From The Botanic Gardens”

  1. Thank you so much, Big Brother! Haven’t thought that your ‘Express Queue’ is soooooo fast! lol. 😀 I love this batch of photos very very much! 🙂

    Really appreciate your sweat in the whole photo-taking process. You are very professional indeed. 😉 Ya… hope to have another set of good photos when my tummy is REALLY BIG~~!!! haha… Just don’t know whether I will be as tired as most people describe by then… 😛

    Hey, you sure you want to confuse my daughter by calling her uncle ‘brother’ la??!!! ~sign~ 真的無你辦法… 哈哈!

    1. Lora – Yes, told you that you will be on express queue … hehehe. I hope you are happy with the … erm … quantity as well. You mean your tummy will grow even bigger?!


      OK. In Chinese (preferably Cantonese), your little one can call me with the right salutation. But in English, casual setting, big brother can lah.

      1. YAAAA~~~!!! People said that the baby will glow the most in size in the third trimester! Honestly, I also can’t imagine how my tummy can stretch even further… hahaha… 😛 We will see….

        1. Lora – You know, I have this theory that baby girl means a bigger tummy than baby boy. That’s how I guess the baby’s gender anyway …

          So, in your case …

  2. Oh Really? Every time baby calls u “big brother”, there will be one gift?!? Hmmm… we must start making a list! Let’s see… first we will go for baby cot, followed by baby pram… handphone… bluray player… LED TV… All these are for baby of course… (diabolical laughter)

    1. Benny – Right. I was more thinking of sweet or chocolate, lol. And then I thought may not be good to teeth so I was more thinking of carrots and celeries … we shall see! It’s a mystery!

      But on the serious note, if you need my help to contribute on some items, please let me know.

  3. Wow! Nice! Lora is really glowing!!! And really how time flies! I remember looking at her wedding photo and commenting how pretty she looked!
    Congratualations to the happy parents-to-be and you too Wilf, for becoming an U soon!

    1. G – Yes, time does fly, doesn’t it?! What an eventful year. A kind of different eventfulness compares to last year. But nonetheless, eventful.

      Hey, must be old habit. Like those good old days we used to work side by side together. I can’t help but notice a tiny error on your comment. Hope you don’t mind me pointing it out …

      … and you too Wilf, for becoming an U a happy “big brother” soon!

      1. hahahah Wilf! I also have to protest it’s so against tradition! But you will be one very, very cool erm, “big brother” !! 😛

    1. Heyzanie – Hehehe, you learn fast. I like it. And thanks! This is indeed getting very exciting. I need to read “10 Things You Should Know What To Do When Your Sister Is Pregnant” fast!

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