My Good Friend’s Birthday

First time having a birthday party at McDonald's

Traditionally, the month of June has been quite a busy month of birthday celebration.  Since the advent of the Internet Era – where social email has decimated snail mail, e-card has decimated postcard – it is a rarity that a birthday party invitation card has arrived at my (real) mailbox that I check infrequently.  Like once a month.  The most amazing thing is – venue aside – this invitation was sent to me like months in advance.  That beats all the wedding invitation cards I have received so far.  I felt honored to be invited.  And I volunteered to be the birthday photographer.  While one friend of mine shared with me – jokingly or seriously I cannot tell – he is taking the taxi exam just in case he loses his job, I could be a birthday photographer.  That is even a more awesome career than a wedding photographer.  Most couple only has one wedding in their lifetime.  But everybody has a birthday to celebrate once a year.  You may laugh at me now.  When I do become one of the most sought after birthday photographer in Singapore, you will see me riding my dream Lamborghini down the beautiful street of Orchard.

Maybe I shall not stop at just that.  Maybe I shall become an anniversary photographer, you-and-your-pet photographer, you-and-your-lover-in-your-intimate-moments photographer.  What a lovely exit from my current nine-to-five.

No, I won’t showcase my work here because in the business of birthday photography, better be discreet.  Unless you – fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you see it – are part of my family (my band included), you could well become a semi-public figure.  One friend once asked: I was in the Hong Kong Airport and guess who I saw?  Who, I asked.  Your sister, she answered.

Some share with me that they find it hard to develop deep friendship with those whom they work with, compare with those whom they studied with.  My response would be: It all depends on you.  I am blessed with some of my great friends whom I met at work.  And to the birthday girl, have a great celebration tomorrow.  The photos should be inside your (read) mailbox any time from now.  Snail mail is an amazing thing, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “My Good Friend’s Birthday”

  1. 🙂

    Snail mail IS wonderful!
    Absolutely delightful.

    You are a wonderful photographer!

    Yes, definitely, I am extremely blessed to have made a friend in you through work!

  2. haha… Next time I need to make sure my make-up is all nicely done before I go out… hahaha… 😛

    BTW, you can also consider being the baby photographer. More friends of mine will bring their babies (normally under the age of 3) to the studio to take individual and family pictures. 😉

  3. Lora – Ha ha ha … you look great as you are.

    Yes, baby photography. That is a good idea. But I learned from the birthday party that I should use a long zoom lens. One time, I went up close to a toddler with my gigantic camera and he cried big time.

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