Taylor Swift – Fearless – Less of Country and More of Pop This Time

Taylor Swift, Fearless

It is easy to forget that onto the second album, Taylor Swift is only 19 years old.  17 when she first released her debut that in my previous review, I have strong belief in her potential.  In 2006, she topped the US Country chart while attaining a 5th on the US Billboard 200.  “Fearless” topped all the major charts in US and Canada, which comes as a surprise to me in some sense, not a surprise in another.

Personally I prefer her debut “Taylor Swift” to “Fearless”.  I am in love with the song “Teardrops On My Guitar” and “Tim McGraw”.  The lyrics of her previous album are more emotional, the country ambiance blends well with her young sweet voice.  Her level of maturity exhibited in “Taylor Swift” fools me in believing that she is older than what she seems.  In “Fearless”,  the country sound is much toned down and her song topics while still evolve around love relationship of a young girl now go into the hearts of the mid teens such as the song “Fifteen”.

“Fearless” is a pleasant album to listen to.  No, there is no “Teardrops On My Guitar”.  What comes close, to me, is “You’re Not Sorry”.  Needless to say, the country-heavy upbeat “You Belong With Me” is another favorite track.  “Fearless” is a pop album with a tint of country flavor.  Taylor Swift may have overstretched her voice in some parts of the song and perhaps, it is this sense of genuine approach that draws the crowd.  It takes three consecutive solid albums – in my book – to have me converted into a loyal fan.  And I have high hope for her next album.

Speaking as such, in the name of Country, I have high hope for Carrie Underwood‘s third album too.  Below is the official video of one of Taylor Swift’s singles from this new album, “Love Story”.

14 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – Fearless – Less of Country and More of Pop This Time”

  1. Darkspore – Oh yes. She is really pretty. I wonder who would dump her and actually inspired her to write that first rather heartbreaking debut album.

    Teardrops on My Guitar … the song title says it all … lol.

  2. Oh Taylor Swift definitely has good vocals. Fearless is a great debut. Likewise I love “Teardrops On My Guitar”. There’s two other I love absolutely – “A Place In This World” & I’m Only Me When I’m With You”.

  3. Ed – OK, now I understand why you guys are so excited. Now that I have watched the video last night, it is very visually stimulating eh?!

    I know I know … I should have watched it before posting … but I listen to music more often than watching music video … lol. And my write-up is based on the music itself … ha ha ha.

  4. oh i heard some of her songs but i am not entirely familiar. I do remember some are quite good! I watched her on this talk show and she was obviously still quite bitter that one of the Jonas brothers broke up with her over the phone!

  5. G – Ah, it was the Jonas brothers eh?! Ya, she has been pretty sore about that for two albums … lol.

    Gosh, she is so pretty … why would anyone wish to dump her over the phone?

  6. Limleen – Yes, Taylor Swift is amazingly beautiful. I am not sure how much her appearance contributes to her success though.

    Oh well, she is the whole package …

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