Second Batch of Photos from Our Bandung Trip – Cafe Sierra at the Peak and Our Last Day of the Trip

A Lovely Waitress at Bumbu Desa

OK.  This photo of the waitress at Bambu Desa looks lovely.  The authentic Indonesian food from the lovely city of Bandung is lovely too.  Now before I get into that, here comes the second batch of our selected photo collection.

If you notice from the previous batch, I have reversed the order of the batches because … I simply want to do something anti-chronicle.  On the last evening of our Bandung trip, the sky had finally opened up after days and nights of rain.  So we headed to one of the cafe at the peak.

Year 2000, I was at the exact spot.  To cut a long story short, it was my first meet-Cynthia’s-family session, and Cynthia’s mother passed me her antique van to drive up to the peak.  Looking back, I often joked that it was one of the tests to assess the suitability of erm … you know lah. Both Cynthia’s mother and brother are better drivers and are familiar with the Indonesia road structure while I …

OK.  I stalled the handbrake-less van once at one crucial steep hump and the villagers were kind enough to help us to hold the van while I engaged the first gear.  Ahem!

8 years have passed and instead of the same cafe we have visited in 2000, we chose the more classy Cafe Sierra.  You can see from the evening photos at the peak.  A lovely cafe.  By the way, I love that photo of the balcony with kids running round.  Look closer and see if you can see Cynthia and her mother!

The next day, we had our lovely lunch at Bambu Desa (Bandung) before heading to Jakarta for an overnight stay.  As you can see, we took the SIA flight.  I love the last picture a lot (the one with Cynthia holding a Starbucks coffee and the SIA plane as the background).  It was time critical as the plane was moving away as I was trying hard to adjust the flash setting.

Thanks for viewing!  More are on the way.

Note: the dude in our collection is Tong Kiat, our good friend.

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9 thoughts on “Second Batch of Photos from Our Bandung Trip – Cafe Sierra at the Peak and Our Last Day of the Trip”

  1. Darkspore – Ya. Somehow the authentic Indonesian food seems to only be found in Indonesia. Singapore doesn’t have anything close.

    Oh, I can pass you the contact of our driver and next time, you can take your wife to visit Bandung again. Those factory outlets …

  2. I could spot Cynthia and her mom!

    Nice photos!
    I liked the one with the “DMC $” painted on the wall.

    I think you need to explain to me in private about the whole test thing with the driving of the old van! :S

    Enjoy HK!

  3. G – Oh, that DMC$ picture while waiting for Cynthia and her mom to exchange money. Unlike Singapore or almost everywhere I have seen, in Bandung, you have to visit a bank-like office to register before exchanging money.


    Maybe her mother and brother wanted to see if I am suitable to join the family – starting with a driving test in the streets and the hills of Bandung … lol.

  4. I just found your blog when I searched Body # 19 review, and it’s cool.. I like the blog!
    I am from Bogor by the way, and I visit Bandung so often cause my girl works there, she’s a doctor.
    Please feel free to Let me know if you plan to visit Bandung again, maybe we can watch movie together, with Cynthia of course..
    Nice to visit ur blog!

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