Fragments Of My Dreams Episode 5 – Demoleculerization

Fragment of my dream

I should have known that my girlfriend would leave me one day (who?!).  And she has, leaving me with an empty apartment in this University campus.  I open the door and the apartment looks grim. There is a note on the wall saying: keep those paintings of yours and the curtains too.  I take down the curtains and stare at those paintings I drew for her.  Those paintings … sigh.  She does not want to keep.  Not even for memory’s sake.

I take those paintings of mine one after another and I take down the curtains too.  There are still random belongings of hers scattered inside the apartment and I wish to keep them all.

I look out of the window, feeling melancholy.  The street is dark outside.  From a distance, I see a vehicle emitting enough fumes to cover the sky!  I rush down and chase after that vehicle (but why?).  I see a street full of cars of the 50’s and before I know it …

… I am “demoleculerized” … being decomposed into molecules and resembled back somewhere far far away.  And I see my mother, my father, and my sister …

We are walking in a somewhat fast pace.  My mother says to me: I want to travel via demoleculerization too!

Good Lord … what a way to travel.

I love being at my home town.  And I am in an intimate relationship with a girl with fair skin.  I took her with my motorbike and with our digital giggles, we are racing in between the high-rise housings that look like buildings from a video game.  The streets are deserted and I am lost.  We sit at a bench looking at the darkness around us wondering where our motel is.

I ask her to take a seat at the bench while I drive around to see if I can find our destination.  When I return, I see a guy standing right beside this girl of mine and she looks unhappy, with me.  Fine, she is yours.  Just take her with you.  The girl looks at me in disdain and returns the shopping bags to me (who is this dude?!).

After they are long gone, I look into my shopping bags in horror: Where are my keys?

I head back to my apartment thinking of calling a locksmith to open the gate and the door.  Silly me, they now have access to my apartment.  I need to change the locks!

Call the locksmith I should.  Change the locks I should.  I am running out of time.  I need another dose of demoleculerization, like now.

~ May, 2008, A Dream

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