Clarke Quay is Lovely – Project Experiment with Nikon SB-900

Clarke Quay holds a special place to my heart, it has always been since I first visited Singapore more than a decade ago.  The vibrancy, the color, the tourists, and when I was toying with a location for me to experiment my new flash unit Nikon SB-900, I thought of Clarke Quay.

To tell you that I know how to operate that flash unit would be a lie.  Half an hour before we stepped out of our home, I was busy going through the manuals and tips-and-tricks the first time.  I got the essential information – pretty much like most that I do in my life – and reckon that the best way to learn is to go out to the field and experiment.

This Nikon SB-900 is a large flash unit.  Attached it to my already monstrous tool make me look like an alien walking on earth with a huge laser gun.  When TK joined us, he was shocked by the size of my tool.  Oh well, I was shocked too.

So we had a Spanish meal – my first – at The Tapas Tree.  One of the staff whom we have not met before is a teacher from Las LiLas School, where Cynthia and I learn Spanish.  Cynthia was shocked that I initiated a Spanish conversation with her.  I was shocked that the lovely Spanish lady understood what I said.  And she gave us a 10% discount.  How nice.

We bumped into a couple who asked if I could take a picture for them.  I offered to send them the photo via email but I guess they were too drunk to response.  I think I got a bit better with the flash unit towards the end.  Keep practicing I guess.  If all (pictures) fail, at least we’ve had a lovely evening.


  1. Hey very nice set of photos. Some constructive comments… you may want to play around with the white balance a bit. Some of the photos look a tad too warm. I like #16 though. Nice bokeh and of course lovely model 🙂

  2. With the new camera, remind me to bring lots and lots of blotters in future. (Do you know what “blotters” is? It’s indirectly related to camera, hehehe…)

  3. Woo the colours of your photos is cool- sharp and rich! Hows the food at Tapas Tree? I passed by it once but didnt try. Next time I know if I am there I should attempt to speak in spanish to get the 10% discount!

  4. Darkspore – Thanks for your feedback. You are certainly right. Some of them appear too much on the orange side. Slowly and surely, I am getting there. Ha ha ha.

    Currently my “wastage” is about 90%. That means to say, of the close to 200 shots I took, only less than 20 are usable!

  5. Si Ying – I think of the many dishes we ordered, most of them are delicious. We did order the Paella but it is a bit to the salty side. I guess that would be nice if we were having beer or wine, that none of us drank. You may wish to drop by and have some light meal to try out the food (and vino). The atmosphere is good and you’ve got a chance to practice your Spanish!

  6. CSC – To be fair, that was my very first Spanish meal and I have no idea what to expect! Lol. Most dishes were delicious. But one seemed to be on the salty side. Perhaps it was best to eat it with lots of beer or wine?

  7. The best tapas that I had here was at the now defunct Bungalow at United Square.

    I haven’t eaten enough Spanish food to say more other than that the food at Via Mar at the Esplanade is oily and inedible. I have been there twice, once when it first opened and the second time this year. Never again.

    Another place that I will not be returning will be La Forketta at Dempsey Road or Harding Road.

  8. Hmm your meal does sound nice… actually I quite like paella but seems like its too salty ar… I dont mind squid ink pasta too but I am allergy to it…

  9. Hi Wilfrid,

    You had got yourself an excellent DSLR setup, semi-pro standards with your 24-70mm lense & SB 900 flash 🙂

    Flash photography is/can be a skill set by itself 🙂

    Have lots of fun shooting and keep shooting and you would master flash photography ! 🙂


  10. JH – Wow, you have 2 sites? One for personal stuff and one purely for photography? Impressive.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. I shall keep shooting and try out what works, what doesn’t. I’ve dropped by your photo site before and it is inspiring. Good stuff you have!

  11. BigEasy – Wow, cool thing. I was really messing around with the setting and am thinking of doing a reshoot properly this time.

    Yes, you should love your new SB-900 too! I love it and can’t live without it. Natural light is good. But if I can’t move the background and the sun, fill in is the next best thing.

    I will check out your link and see I am good enough to join your group. Have a nice day! 🙂

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