My First Ever SLR Photo Shooting Session – A Test Drive of the Nikon D700 at the Singapore River

Love, can be nurtured.  I think.  I have been staring at my new Nikon D700 for quite some time wondering what I shall do with such a complicated, heavy, fine piece of equipment.  Today, I took it out for some test drive at the Singapore River during lunch.  I think I am falling in love.

When I was back, sweating and feeling a bit tired, I couldn’t hide my excitement and shared with one of my colleagues who is really into photography (and owns a D300) the first day in my life using a SLR.  Yes, all my life I have been a point-and-shoot guy.  Hence, pardon the amateur results and I am keen to hear your opinions (note: my personal preference are those wild and crazy colors).

I don’t think I am and will ever be a big fan of post production work on the photos taken.  Hence, all you see here are the actual results from the camera, with no modification except a simple resize and the addition of captions.  I am still trying to find my way as there are quite a number of settings that I can and do use on the spot.

PS. A big thanks to a friend of mine who was gamed enough for me to take a picture of her while I was doing street shooting during the lunch hours.

PS. When I told my colleague (who owns the D300) that it is hard to go unnoticed on the street carrying such a huge camera, he joked with me that he was used to carry big lens on the street.  And he stopped after realizing that he drew more attention from the men than the girls.  I thought it was a funny story he shared.


  1. Congratulations on your first photo shoot! Must have gotten quite a lot of curious looks from people in the CBD area. Lol. We should plan a photo shoot session together.

  2. Darkspore – Thank you! I think I was way too busy with the camera setting per shot that I hardly have time to see if people were looking at me differently. Ha ha ha.

    Yes, I would love to do a photo shoot session with you.

  3. Very nice!
    My favourite is the one outside China Square with all the colourful buildings.

    And it’s Shan!
    HAhaha I just met her here like a couple of days ago!

  4. JH – Checked out your site. It’s lovely! So far it is days of ups and downs. Still trying to remember that I have to go through a “checklist” before EVERY shot to make sure all the settings are well. Gosh! How do you photographers do that?!

  5. G – Yes, it is Shan! She looks so good in real person. And she looks so good in pictures too, despite all my weird settings (still trying to get used to my new camera)!

  6. AY – Hmmm … maybe I shall try to find somewhere colorful in HK during my next visit. I will be back from 26 Dec till Jan next year. See you then.

  7. Hi Wilf, Congratulations!! 😉 finally after much research, you got into getting one and your shots are lovely!! 😉 I liked Photo #7, the colours are stunning and the contrasting composition of the modern and historic architecture. Look forward to more photos here!

    Btw, is ur office is at china Sq central?

  8. Suety – Seems that #7 is a popular favorite shot! Yes, I work around that area, in Raffle Place.

    I remember bugging you for a while on which camera to get. Time flies eh? 🙂

  9. ECL – Sure, can borrow … ha ha ha. YOU tempted me with that EOS 1 Mark don’t-know-what that you were holding. Did you not ask Canon to give you one or even at a deep discount?!

  10. Sing Chyun – Thanks! I also didn’t know that Singapore has so many colorful buildings. But these days I find more and more buildings like that. Strange.

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