Ayumi Hamasaki Complete Singles – Is This for You?

Hardcore Ayu fans will get this, regardless.  For just over S$30, even if most of us – the fans – have already had most of her albums (I have close to 300 songs of hers that amount to 23 hours of continuous enjoyment), this box-set is a very nice to have.  It has:

  • A beautifully printed booklet that contains a selected set of single covers of hers
  • A rare DVD that contains a live recording of her 2003 tour in Tokyo as well as the a-nation recording from 2002-7 (Ayumi releases 2 live DVDs per year – the countdown tour at year end and the arena tour in the summer – but not the a-nation, which is an Avex organized tour for the artists from the same record label)
  • A 3-CD set that contains all the singles released from “A Song for XX (1999)” to “Guilty (2008)” including the new single “Mirrorcle World” and a Chinese version of the song “Who”
  • The hidden track “Kanariya” from the “Loveppears (199)” album – the first hidden track ever to make it to a single release
  • Lyrics, with Chinese translation

I don’t have her first official album so I am happy for these 5 songs that are “new” to me.  If you have already got the “A Best (2001)” as well as the “A Best 2 -Black- (2007)” and the “A Best 2 -White- (2007)” like I do, do you still need yet another compilation album?  Here are some of the analysis for you.

  • 11 out of 44 songs from “Complete Singles” exist in “A Best (2001)”
  • 16 out of 44 songs from “Complete Singles” exist in “A Best 2 (2007)”
  • 26 out of 44 songs from “Complete Singles” exist in “A Best (2001)” and “A Best 2 (2007)”

27 thoughts on “Ayumi Hamasaki Complete Singles – Is This for You?”

  1. Bruce Banner – Wow, we dropped each other comments almost instantaneously.

    OK, I will certainly keep a look out for it. And I am sure it will sound really good. Ha ha ha. Fan talk …

  2. It feels very much like one of those old world Shanghai type of shoot. Serpia shots predominate and Ayu’s singing skills don’t seem to be taxed at all. Choreography fits the period costumes and such, with costume changes behind cabaret style fluttering fans.

  3. Bruce Banner – You are right. It’s very old Shanghai style. The song is pretty simple ya? Usually Ayu’s songs do get a bit more complex than that. I am eager to hear how the new album will turn out to be.

  4. Well here comes an avalanche of Ayu releases ..

    Following the Green PV released last week, Days PV can be viewed at


    Both A side singles will be released, covers available for viewing at


    News also of the release for AT08 which will feature the last Taipeh concert instead of the one at Yoyoji. Release date 28 Jan 09.

    Track List for DVD release

    01.The Judgement Day
    02.talkin’ 2 myself
    03.A Song for ××
    04.Depend on you
    05.Fly high
    06.(don’t) Leave me alone
    08.my name’s WOMEN
    09.Marionette -prelude-
    12.End roll
    15.Mirrorcle World
    19.Boys & Girls
    20.MY ALL

    Doesn’t seem to be any documentary disk, but hey, its jam packed and seems Ayu was in better form for this concert.

    Anyway, her translated blog shows Ayu is hard at work for CDL as well as writing new songs.
    I’m holding my breath for a new album later in April/May.


  5. Sorry, left out release date for singles which is 17 Dec 2008.
    Just a quick comment, looks like perennial favourites Audience, Evolution and Trauma got retired from the AT08 song list. And My all ends the concert instead of Who this time.
    Hey, just saw evolution squeezed between two halves of Surreal.
    Now that’s surreal, baby !

  6. Hi,

    Just caught the video for the last Japanese Concert for AT08. It can be viewed at here.

    Its been heavily edited and only about 15 songs remain. If you’ve seen the latest concerts this year, there’s really nothing new, other than the Mirrorcle performance. A full scale ship was used with propellors as props and she gave a really good performance for that song.
    The costumes were not new and other than Ayu’s kepi cap, have not been changed or refreshed.
    Perhaps its the end of the tour, but audiences do appreciate the effort. Especially hardcore fans that somehow view every concert on the tour via the Internet or TVs which do show her concerts.
    Maybe the missing songs did really take away from the concert, I missed A Song for XX, my name’s WOMEN, Hanabi and Dearest.
    Oh yes, the marionette prelude and songs were featured, well executed but for some reason, a bit soulless, with a lot of jerky moves and blank stares.
    Ayu’s gotta come up with newer ideas, what was fresh before is now taken for granted and if the formula remains the same, fans will stay away and watch DVDs first before coming back.

  7. Bruce Banner – Wow, you are one true Ayu fan. I have a lot to catch up!

    The idea of SURREAL~evolution~SURREAL is interesting. I am so looking forward to it.

    Either way, whatever the result is going to be, I will still get the DVD when it arrives 🙂

    Or BluRay!

  8. Hi,

    My mistake, it turns out to be evolution -surreal- evolution on the website instead.

    Here’s hoping the full version DVD that arrives makes up for the edited TV version.

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  10. Ayumi Hamasaki injures hand; in doubt for Red and White Singing Contest

    Saturday 27th December, 11:59 AM JST

    TOKYO —
    Singer Ayumi Hamasaki, 30, has injured her right hand, and with only four days to go until NHK’s Red and White Singing Contest, she is in a race against time to recover and take to the stage to lead off the New Year’s Eve show. NHK announced Friday the order of songs for New Year’s Eve, and it would be the first time in the show’s history if the opening artist were to be unable to perform.

    According to her agency Avex Group, Hamasaki fell down the stairs at her apartment on Wednesday and injured her right hand. Staff took her to hospital where she received medical attention, and on Thursday she underwent surgery. Hamasaki later had to cancel her live performance at TV Asahi’s “Music Station Super Live 2008” on Friday night. Her doctors say the injury will take three weeks to heal, and her fall was caused by anemia exacerbated by fatigue.

    Hamasaki wrote on her blog: “I can’t even hold a microphone. I’m really upset and truly sorry I couldn’t make it to ‘Music Station.’” In addition to the Red and White Singing Contest, she is scheduled to perform on the 30th and 31st at Yoyogi National Stadium. “I just have to believe in my strength, and hope my body can heal before then,” she wrote.

    Shin Ishihara, chief producer of the Red and White Singing Contest, said: “We wanted to open the show in a certain style and Hamasaki was going to do that for us. But now we’ll have to wait and see.”

    Rehearsals will be held on Monday, where it will become clear if Hamasaki will open the New Year’s Eve show as scheduled.

    source: http://www.japantoday.com/category/e…inging-contest

  11. Looks like she’s going to open NHK’s year end Red and White show performing Mirrocle World before rushing off to her own PCDL show.

    Hope she gets thru both safely and recovers fully from injury.

  12. Posted 4 seconds ago Edit Quote
    Thank you.
    No. 383 29 December 2008 1:37 AM

    Everyone’s power is definitely reaching me.

    I’m feeling soooo much incredible, strong, kind, precious, dazzling power.

    I think perhaps that after everything God has handed me at the last moment this year, our bond may have grown deeper.

    Tomorrow is dress rehearsal.

    Even though I’m this version of myself, who can’t hold onto a microphone well enough, tomorrow I want to turn myself into someone putting on a magnificent show at Yoyogi, with my usual smile, with my usual staff.

    We began to shine, I think no one can stop us from doing anything!!!

    If it’s us who begins to shine, then we can find a shining tomorrow!!!!!!! *

    Have faith that it’ll work out.
    *These two parts were meant to mimic the “Boys & Girls” lyrics.

    Translated by Delirium-Zero at AHS Website.


    Ayu’s one tough lady, and a classy one to boot.

    Pray she doesn’t have any more tests to undergo, finish out this year and come back fully recovered and rested for 2009.


  13. Bruce Banner – I agree. She is a tough and inspirational lady. If she can live through the loss of hearing of a ear as a singer, she can live through almost anything (her relationship fell apart too right?).

    Actually, I am a fan of Yo-Chan. I always look forward to his guitar solos on the concert recordings.

  14. Yes, Yo-chan is quite an irrelevant fellow. He pokes fun at Ayu, calls her Hamasaki-san and produces all kinds of trivia she doesn’t want exposed during the MC part of the concerts.

    Did you go to the website link I gave earlier ?There’s quite a lot of stuff about Yo-chan’s other work and even pics of his guitars. Some of his solos tend to be repetitive and sound similar but I always enjoy how he fills the whole stadium with this wall of sound created with his guitar,

    Part of me cheers Ayu for deciding to go ahead with all her shows, the cynical part wonders how much external factors were brought to bear to make that decision.

    An injury requiring surgery is no small thing and yet she’s pushing herself so hard to please her die-hard fans.

    One can only hope that she does not regret that decision.

  15. Bruce Banner – Yes, I did have a brief visit. Those guitars he has!

    I suspect so when I read the Chinese transcript of the MC part of the concerts. Pretty funny guy.

    I think she is a strong lady. She should be OK in this coming concerts. I am so looking forward to her DVD as I have yet worked out how to get there in person (read your the other link by the way … need some intense planning … lol).

    Happy New Year man …

  16. Review of Ayumi’s last night’s first of two PCDL concerts. Second concert scheduled for tonight after she kicks off the NHK show earlier in the evening.

    Originally Posted by mikecavs11 on AHS
    My REVIEW:

    It was her best concert ever in my opinion, GREEN was an amazing way to open up, especially the dragon dances, and Maro taking centre stage.

    When it Will started to play, it did not disappoint and i recalled someone on AHS saying that they hoped Will would be sung

    Then came the rock songs and they were soooooooooo……whats the word…stunning and i was just speechless, half the time though i was trying the remember the title of the songs

    Then came the slow songs, i thought that she was gonna sing Days here, cuz Shuya and her costume were almost like in the video….or something that fits winter. My favourite songs here were Hope and Pain, and Over. I was waiting for Days here, cuz she was taking forever to get accross the stage, haha Then when SCAR was over the quickly walked off the stage and Kaeru was doing her sheet hanging dance thing

    After that the songs the gets the crowd going were sung, Unite! really got the crowd going, everyone was doing the fist the the air.

    Then came the 10th anniversary video followed by Who…

    When Who… was sung next, I wasnt expecting her to sing this, and for a second, I thought to myself. What? the concerts already over??!! I thought this was one of the best performances of Who…, I was singing along to it the entire time, it was really amazing…made me speechless

    Trauma was really fun, its my first live ayu concert so i wanted this song to be performed and see the crowd dance to it. and everyone did, and it she forgot her lyrics haha. actually twice. First time she just went like la la la la la and laughed it off and walked across the stage and the part came again and i think she just didnt bother singing it and just went like la la la la la la again and said sorry hahaha it was cool though

    Independent was a classic performance, with the dancing and ball throwing. I was so close the catching one that Ryoji threw, it landed two seats beside me. ayu was throwing with her left hand, i guess due to her injury

    Everywhere nowhere was sung, but i cant really remember it lol sorry

    Mirrorcle world was a great performance, the was the end of the first half, before the encore, so the violin players, dragon dancers, and choir all came out onto the stage and danced. the performance was like the one in a-nation 08

    Then came the encore, Days was performed and i was really looking forward to this, it was just a nice performance and For my dear… was great too, i really liked her vocals and when she did the vibrato thing

    Then Zin came and taught the MY ALL dance and that was the only talking part of the encore, none of the band members talked except for the keyboarder cuz him and Zin couldnt get the timing right to the song when Zin was teaching

    + was the same as last years, really fun

    flower garden – im not a big fan of this song, but it was still fun to see ayu….i think she was rhyming in the middle of it…

    Boys and Girls was a great performance, a classic one, ayu sings/yells at the fans, the fans sings/yells back

    then MY ALL started playing, and i was like aww its over….? this was an awesome performance. Everyone was dancing to it

    Ayu didnt cry once, except a bit during Days, she seemed really happy

    She gave a wonderful show, and i really want to go to her concert again.

    I was sitting on the side, in the 5th row, so i was pretty close and could see pretty clearly

    One down and two to go !!

  17. Tracklist for Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009

    01. GREEN
    02. Will
    03. vogue
    04. HONEY
    05. ANGEL’S SONG
    06. End of the World
    07. Heartplace
    08. Real me
    09 10. And Then ~ Naturally
    12. HOPE or PAIN
    13. Over
    14. SCAR
    15. In The Corner
    16 17 18. SIGNAL ~ Hana ~ too late
    19. UNITE!
    20 21. SURREAL ~ evolution ~ SURREAL
    22. Who…
    23. Trauma
    24. independent
    25. everywhere nowhere
    26. Mirrorcle World

    27. Days
    28. For My Dear…
    29. +
    30. flower garden
    31. Boys & Girls
    32. MY ALL

  18. Bruce Banner – It surely reads like another stellar performance of Ayu. 32 tracks! That is a lot. 6 encores some more. Wow, I am really looking forward to it.

    I kind of like “Startin'” a lot. But Ayu doesn’t seem to perform live on that number often. That song was the first video of her “Secret” album. I wonder why.

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