A Fun Read: I Picture Myself as a Surfer Part 2 – Raining Questions That Tickle

Seems that every time I watch F1, I am in Malaysia.  I really hope to be in Singapore for the season finale in 2 weeks’ time.

My apology to have confused you on that surfer entry.  Let’s get down to some of the questions that tickle and skip 90% of the questions I was bombarded by the International crowd on the global initiative last week that will bore you to sleep.

 Some questions are pretty easy to answer.

  • Where do you come from?  Love this question, certainly the easiest of all.
  • Where are the tourist attractions in Malaysia?  Well, the KL city, the highlands, the casinos, the beach resorts, how much time do you have?

But being a consultant at heart, I get a headache going into specifics.

  • Where to buy cheap electronic goods?  Mid Valley nearby came into my mind.
  • Where to buy … ?  Mid Valley.
  • Where to … ?  Mid Valley.

Some are like comments about our currently location that I can’t quite answer directly without embarrassing my bosses who chose it.

  • We could get ourselves killed crossing these roads!  Erm … just be careful?  Look left, and right, and then left again?
  • Why did we choose Malaysia?  Yes, why?  I’d love to have this workshop in Singapore.  And I bet many do.

In this International setting, there bounds to be some who are pro-environment.

  • (Shaking head) We are wasting a lot of papers filling up these forms.  I wish the world is perfect but it isn’t.  I wish there are better ways than paper-based approach but there aren’t.
  • (Shaking head) We are wasting a lot of water.  Looking at those half drank water bottles going into the bin, I can certainly comprehend.  But I can’t force people to finish drinking their water, can I?  I am not a nanny for this crowd.  Or am I expected to be one?

Leading the workshop doesn’t mean that I am the fixer for all-good-problems.  Here are some questions that keep coming back to me.

  • I can’t log onto my desktop computer.  Erm … OK.  Medic?
  • I can’t read my emails.  Medic?
  • I’ve lost my emails.  Do you know how important they are to me?  Seriously, they are just one’s and zero’s.  Technically they are.  Life moves on.  Another electronic mailbox bites the dust.
  • The air conditioner is too noisy.  Shall I call the aircon man?
  • The air conditioner is too cold?  It is centrally controlled.  Nothing much I can do.  Sorry!
  • I may get sick!  Shall I get you a blanket?
  • Can you print this for me?  The printer is just down the hall but sure, that’s my job.  And what happens to that being green initiative?

And when I told y’all that I am a coffee boy at work, no one believes.

  • Can the project cater lunch for us here inside this building instead of us going out?  Sure, there are only 50 sandwiches in total.  I can do that.  So, how many of you want Turkey Breast?  What?  No pickle and onion?
  • Where is our lunch?  Good question.  It should be here any minute.  Besides, I gave my entire wallet to two admin staff (who are not trained in buying takeaways) and where are they?!
  • Where is our lunch (half an hour later)?  I am sure the sandwiches are on the way.
  • Where is our lunch (one hour later)?  Time to hide behind the cubicle somewhere.  Were we in Singapore, this wouldn’t have happened.
  • The sandwiches didn’t go too well, could we have … ?  Oh dear, is it not?  Certainly tasted OK to me.  I must be hungry.  Maybe I shall be the cook.  My cooking skill is pretty decent.  Cynthia can vouch for me. 
  • I know that we have 2 tea breaks and now 1 catered lunch, how about coffee and tea first thing in the morning?  Yes, how about that?

OK.  Some questions may have taken out of context just for entertainment’s sake.  But I guess by now you have a vague idea on what my job last week was like.  These questions are really not that bad compare to 90% of the other questions.  Last week was big ocean wave number one.  Now, onto the second wave.

And I still picture myself as a surfer.

PS. I do love the audience on the record – every one of them!

14 thoughts on “A Fun Read: I Picture Myself as a Surfer Part 2 – Raining Questions That Tickle”

  1. hahaha…. coffee boy.

    You’re still in KL? Wah, can fly over tumpang your hotel room.

    Oops… Cynthia is just above. 😛

    LG Full HD Plasma TV contest is ending!

    How come you didn’t link to my post. I have to come searching for them. ish.

  2. ECL – Oh. I did link a couple of times and planning to do a super link now that your contest is drawing to the closing date. By the way, I swear I read every post of yours and I still can’t tell which ones are the questions! Gasp! Tonight will take a closer look again.

    Just touch down today. Later!

  3. G – Certainly can share more when we meet! This Friday is still on? I intend to take leave. It’s been a long … project. I think I still have 23 days leave as of now.

  4. Haha this is interesting and funny! When i ask the presenter about aircond temp, it was because i think they will have more bargaining power than i do (assuming that they need to “bargain” with the hotel staff on the temperature) haha!

  5. Si Ying – Ha ha ha … you are right. It was a training room in one of our buildings. Quite honestly speaking, there was no one assigned to take care of us. So we had to improvise along the way … lol.

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  7. Yap definitely. I think air-cond is one of the most useful things (when I was in school that was my answer when my tutor asked me to write down what is one most useful thing invented. the module was some invention related module) but one of the least innovation/improvement one (other than them trying to make it more energy saving).

  8. Si Ying – Actually, if you were to ask me, the most useful thing to me would be water pipe and water tap. Imagine without so we have to carry buckets of water every day. Gosh …

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