So You Really Don’t Want That 60″ Full HD Plasma TV For Free?

Did you know that the higher the resolution of your flat panel TV is, the shorter the optimal viewing distance?  OK.  Your eyeballs or your brain may get fried staring at those life-size-like … erm … eye candies.  Watching that beautiful Korean actress Kim Ah-joong at Singapore blogger EastCoastLife’s home on that 60” TV almost made my nose bled.  What was the gathering about?  I can’t recall a thing.  I want that TV (and that “200 Pounds Beauty” DVD too)!

Fortunately I did take some pictures last Sunday (see above).  Those lovely popiah she made.  Delicious.  Though I am literally (and proudly) a Singaporean and have lived here since 95, rarely do I get to taste home cooked Singaporean food.  Especially when I don’t live with a born-and-bred Singaporean.  Come to think of it, rarely do I get to taste home cooked Indonesian food either.  Something must be wrong in this picture.

Back to that contest I was blogging about, your humble Mr. All-good-things-must-share has made a site visit and confirmed that this 1.5 meter wide 60” beast does exist, in good shape.  I am not sure why Singaporeans are so shy.  If this contest was to host in Hong Kong, people would have dreamed of a hundred-and-one ways to up their chances.  Perhaps even getting your baby to pop out a bit earlier to enter the draw.  Seriously, all you need to do is to read her blog, answer 10 questions from now till October, drop her a snail mail (it is her contest, her rule, so please don’t be lazy!) and viola.  And if you don’t want the 60” TV for whatever the reason, for the love of Kim Ah-joong, please pass that to me.  Thank you.  I promise to cook you a very nice Cantonese meal while we watch “200 Pounds Beauty”, at my living room.  You can have my bottles of wine too since I don’t drink anymore.

On a more serious note, you may wonder why I so passionately wanting to spread the news.  New media is here to change the social landscape and I am glad to be a tiny part of it.  Do I wish to see some positive impacts to people’s life via the blogosphere as a new channel?  Certainly.  Bloggers are getting involved into areas that are dominated by traditional channels, doing impactful things that have never been done before.  To my best knowledge, LG did not ask blogger EastCoastLife to give the TV away.  I wonder what I would do had Nikon given me a D700 DSLR equipped with some of the top lenses and accessories.  Gosh, it is hard to give away an item that comes with a 5-figure price tag.

On a less serious note, forget about bribing EastCoastLife with breakfast and feet massages like many are doing right now.  Now that I know where she lives, I am going to infiltrate her home and invalidate the rest of the application forms except mine when the time comes!  Kekeke!

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PS. The optimal viewing distance for a 42” plasma TV is 99 inches for a HD-ready quality (720p) and 66 inches for a full HD quality (1080p).  As for a 60” flat panel full HD TV, it is 94 inches (versus 141 inches for a HD-ready one).  Time to reconfigure my living room for a 2.4-meter of viewing distance!

9 thoughts on “So You Really Don’t Want That 60″ Full HD Plasma TV For Free?”

  1. Paddy – Lol … OK. Judging by my estimation, there will be tons of application forms to invalidate. I may need an extra pair of hands. How shall we split the TV ah? Can I keep that DVD?

  2. I miss popiah!

    p/s I am SUPER amazed that you found out about the optimal viewing distance for different sizes of TV!
    Another impt bit of information to remember!

  3. Wahhh!! You figured out the distance for a 60″ HD Plasma TV ah! You’re fast.

    Until today, this afternoon at 4.50pm, I still have people come up to me asking,”You really giving the 60″ TV away?” *slaps my forehead*

    Yes!! I’m giving it away! I don’t want my kids to be glued to the huge screen every day for hours!

    And people are giving excuses that their houses are too small to accommodate this TV. OMG! Why can’t they win the TV and they can sell it and give the money to charity? Too square? probably. They are Singaporeans. haha…..

    Go for it, man. You have 3 chances now. 🙂

  4. That TV is seriously incredibly humongous! I think I will either become cross-eyed or get dizzy trying to follow the action around the screen. Even if I win and want to sell it, I think I will have a little bit of problem there.

    Looks like you had a lot of fun there! And I like the movie 200 Pounds Beauty too!

  5. G – Hey, I actually miss the Vietnam version of popiah. The one with lots of fresh vegetables including mint leaves and be eaten with the fish sauce. Yummy. My uncle and aunt were used to make them while I was in Paris.

  6. ECL – Same here, whenever I tell that someone I meet in real life. I guess it is because the price is too good to be true?

    I am not sure if I would want to sell it. My living room just about to have that 2.4 meters of optimal viewing distance. Another reason is perhaps people think that it is too big for their living room. Pfftt … what we see on a movie theater is a lot bigger. The only issue is the pixel-like image quality when we are sitting too close. And hence my research on the optimal viewing distance.

  7. Darkspore – You won’t get cross-eyed or dizzy … lol. Think how big a screen is inside a movie theater. It is the pixel-effect you may need to think about. Hence the optimal viewing distance.

    Hard to sell? No way. That TV is close to S$10,000. You can easily fetch S$5,000 if you want to in open market. That will fund your DSLR set easily.

    Of course, you can always pass it to me had you win it. I promise I will cook you a nice …

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