Montages of Our Home Jamming Session (15/5)

Looks like our search for a drummer who will practice and perform live gigs with our band continues.  My old friend in KL has just opened a brand new lingerie shop and she has invited our band for the official launch, with media coverage!  All I have to do is to compose a new set of songs – something sexy I guess? – practice them with the band, memorize the songs, and to figure out what to do with the drum track … in this couple of months’ time.

Fun time.

Who is who in these images – white shirt dude is the guitarist Jason, white shirt chick is the bassist Cynthia, red shirt hottie is our Singapore band manager Selrol (a.k.a. Jason’s wife), and the blue shirt schmuck is me.

I can always trust Selrol to be our band archivist, our very own band journalist to document our journey.  Just in case we become famous in X number of years’ time, we can readily publish a photo book titled: Who are the Real Candies in “No Eye Candy”?  (note: our band is called “No Eye Candy”)

This time, Selrol brought along a darn cute orange color Polaroid instant camera (see the picture at the bottom).  And this yummy cute little thingie produces crisp clear vibrant color photos (see the montage above) that cost S$1 per shot.  Totally worth it if you were to ask me.

The jamming session happened couple of weeks ago.  On the day itself, our drummer Chip couldn’t make it.  So we cancelled our studio booking and headed to my own home studio instead.  Jason bought a Les Paul guitar on that day and we were keen to take it for a test drive.  We love the sound.  What can I say?  Mine is a Les Paul too.

So I met our drummer Chip a few days ago for lunch and he shared with me some of the challenges he has in prioritizing his life, especially now that he has a new baby.  Deep inside, of course I was hoping to be able to take our band into the next level since we have been practicing our original songs for years.  But I can totally understand where he is coming from.  Maybe the timing is not right for us yet.  Maybe with Chip, we have to work on less time intensive home bound activities such as recording – something he can pick up the guitar for 20 minutes and continue another day like he said.

This is the time when I keep thinking of what Randy Pausch once said in his “Last Lecture”: Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things.

And the hunt for a live gig drummer continues …

10 thoughts on “Montages of Our Home Jamming Session (15/5)”

  1. Leen – Oh, only those in the first image. The small rectangular ones. The rest of the pictures are taken from a digital camera. And Selrol took them 🙂

  2. Ed – Ha ha ha … good idea. We are still working on that. Seems to me that we need a good videographer (still doing on-the-job training!), our band members to be comfortable in front of the video camera (OK, that is tough), and a nice full HD video camera.

    I definitely need more time!

  3. Dong Ho – Thanks for dropping by. We do enjoy what we are making. Whether it is good or not, hopefully one day we can have a live gig and hear it out from the audience instead!

  4. ECL – I am happy to hear that your son was discharged. Thank God for that!

    The road to stardom is still very, very long. First, I will need to find someone to drum for us live 🙂

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