Yui Aragaki (新垣結衣) – Sora (そら) – Girlie Voice, Good Song Choice, But Doubtful Vocal Skill

Yui Aragaki (新垣結衣) - Sora (そら)

My potential borderline fetish to girls with girlie voice aside, if you intend to watch or have already watched “Sky of Love” and have 20 bucks to spare, there is no harm in getting the main actress’s debut album.  You may get to like the show a little bit better and who knows?  Perhaps you may even like this album a little bit better.

To be fair, there are quite a number of accomplished artists who have a pure and feather-like girlie (or child-like) voice.  Top of my mind, the Swedish jazz singer Lisa Ekdahl is one of my favorites.  Her interpretation of “Cry Me a River” bleeds hearts.  French singer Vanessa Paradis is another good example.  Her voice doesn’t change much since the “Joe le Taxi” days back when she was 14.  I am a huge fan of the Japanese singer songwriter YUI and she too has this characteristic voice of purity and innocence.

So, how does Yui Aragaki’s ‘cute and lively voice’ match up?  The song choice for her debut “Sora” I must say is pretty good.  The songs are melodically memorable.  Yui Aragaki has contributed in the writing of the lyrics for two songs.  One of which – “Heavenly Days” – is featured in her movie “Sky of Love”.  If you like that song (see below), there is a high chance that you will like the entire album as the songs are pretty consistent.  And there is a high chance that you will repeatedly listen to the album like I do.

Song choice aside, the first comment from Cynthia was that Yui Aragaki is “pitchy”.  Perhaps my ears are pretty damaged by the years of exposure to the high pitch Japanese female voice or the sound of the heavy metal or both, it is hardly noticeable to me.  But I trust Cynthia’s ears more than mine.  On the brighter side, she did not complain that Yui Aragaki is too high pitch (like she always does whenever I put the J-pop music on).

“Sora” opened at number 3 in Oricon’s weekly ranking with moderate (or perhaps disappointing) sales of just over 100,000 within three weeks of debut.  I suspect the movie “Sky of Love” may help the album sales in some ways.  After all, there is no rationale when it comes to fan-based affection.

14 thoughts on “Yui Aragaki (新垣結衣) – Sora (そら) – Girlie Voice, Good Song Choice, But Doubtful Vocal Skill”

  1. Tigerfish – I guess my passion with music is like your passion with cooking! What music do you listen to when you cook that gives you those wonderful inspiration? Just curious.

  2. Yuting – Hi there … I tried to do a search for you but it is not that easy to find one ya? Unfortunately I don’t play piano that well. Otherwise I would have scripted one for you 🙂

    I watch some YouTube clips on “Heavenly Days” lately and there are some nice keyboard pieces out there. You may wish to check it out and get inspired? Who knows … you may be able to create a script yourself!

  3. hi! i pretty like the movie Koizora as well. a story that’s a little different from the norm.

    after listening to Aragaki Yui’s song, i still prefer YUI though. YUI has a much more unique voice than her. (just personal opinion though 🙂 )

  4. Jasline – Hi, I absolutely with you on this. YUI has much confidence in the way she sings and I have all her albums! In fact, I wrote one review on her third album just recently.

    And certainly, I love the movie Koizora a lot too! Good taste you have 🙂

  5. i love YUI (but i still don’t have her 3rd album yet.hehe) but i think Aragaki Yui sings pretty cute and all. I mean, I don’t mind criticizing J-pop seriously, you know.

    I mean, whatever. They both sound good 😀

  6. Faith – I agree with you. I like them both!

    On a side note, you really should give YUI’s 3rd album a try. Personally I think it is better than her 2nd one. And of course, to put things in perspective, I love all her three albums … lol.

    Now back to Yui Aragaki, I am eager to see if she will release another album.

  7. Jenell – Like music score on how to play the song on piano or keyboard? How about YouTube? Some may post their renditions and you may wish to get some inspiration (or even write to the persons who play the song) there.

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