Sky Of Love (Koizora) – Starring Yui Aragaki (新垣結衣)

Sky of Love (Koizora)

I can’t help but to draw similarities between my favourite Japanese star YUI and the 19 years old model turned actress turned singer Yui Aragaki that go slightly deeper than just a name resemblance and a birthday that is only 3 months apart. Both starred in a rather sad movie (“Midnight Sun” for YUI), both look so pure and cute and innocent, sound so pure and cute and innocent, and both released a studio album after the show (I will review Yui Aragaki’s new album in my next post and YUI’s albums are “From Me to You” and “Can’t Buy Me Love”) with very similar vocal texture as well.  But as a true fan of YUI, what do I make of Yui Aragaki?

Music talent to be addressed in a separate post, Yui Aragaki does have acting talent for the romance drama genre.  It is hard not to fall in love with her on the screen (though I must say, Cynthia was more delighted by the main actor Haruma Miura instead … those sexy lips she said).  I had no idea what “Sky Of Love” was about.  I wasn’t even sure if it was a tear jerking movie at all.  All I knew was that the novel that the movie was based upon was once featured on paper late last year.  A cell-phone novel that took the Japanese market by storm.  I read that the cell-phone novel genre tends to have short sentences (hence a rather short and engaging plot development?) and chided by the old school novelists.  Initially, this cell-phone novel was hosted in one of the Japanese websites amongst many others.  I guess if the story is good, it doesn’t matter where it started.

In a few short and vague words, “Sky of Love” is about a young girl falling in love for the first time, vowed not to fall in love again, and found courage to love someone forever.  Cynthia criticize this particular genre as something that comes straight from a template; every Japanese or Korean tear jerking movie tells the same story.  I do agree that they are all there to basically jerk your tears.  But if you look at the typical Hollywood action thriller or romance or any type of mainstream movie, there are always three stages of the plot: the development, the conflict, and the resolution.  I learned that from the PC game “The Movies” (hey, geeks can be quite ‘knowledgeable’ by playing games too you know!).

Sometimes I ask myself, why do I love the Japanese or Korean or Thai horror movies if I don’t really scream that much?  Or why do I love the Japanese or Korean romance drama if I don’t really cry?  Anyway, Cynthia in her own words told me that she cried till she got a headache.  TK used the same amount of tissue paper as Cynthia for a totally different reason (running nose … ha ha ha).  I am not sure what TK’s friend makes out of the movie.  I may be bias.  I personally like this movie very much – both the storyline and the acting.  Predictable storyline most of the time, there are some rare moments that delight and surprise.

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116 thoughts on “Sky Of Love (Koizora) – Starring Yui Aragaki (新垣結衣)”

  1. 1 of my hobby is to collect dvd. wakakaka… ya …why huh ? will try to watch it this weekend. but i m watching Kinship II now!! my dvd wunt runaway, can watch anytime. but that anytime is like dunno when ??

  2. damn superb….. i have watch it 5 times until today…. from the beginning i start to watch this movie…. almost everyday i’ll watch it again…. i also have suggest to my friends to watch this movie…. This movie give me a feeling that i couldn’t describe it in word….
    really sweet… p/s : i’m also a fan of korean and japanese movie….

  3. A friend of mine loves the film and would like to read the novel. She does not speak or read japanese or chinese. Does anyone know where i can buy or download the book in english? Or does anyone know where i can get it traslated.
    Also any ideas for other presents? ^^ lol

  4. dis movie was the shyt….i fell in love wit Hiro…
    he was so fken HOT! dis movie is like me dis boi came to me and we fell in LOVE…one day he stopped talking to me and i went up to talk to him and he had told me leave me alone there is nothing between us no more…i was heart broken i couldnt love no one else…cuz i didnt know how…about 8 months later he came up to me again…he asked me if i would want to be his gurl again and of corse i said yes from that day we’ve hit off…

  5. I love this movie. In fact I’m watching it now!
    I wanted to download the theme song but couldn’t. Where do you download the theme song from?


  6. I really love it!!!!!!!! I just finished watching the movie and I really cried starting from Hiro said ” I wont wipe your tears anymore to the part when Hiro said “smile” (when he was dying) and until Mika said ” You’re a dumb boy Hiro” even until she arrived in the train….. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I’m so addicted to Sky of Love……..

  7. I have already seen the movie a year ago, it is indeed awesome. Right now, I’m trying to search for the novel, do you know, by any chance if its published online? 🙂

  8. Nicole – I am pretty sure it is published online, but in Japanese. I am not aware if there is an English translation at all. I would love to read too if there is.

  9. Oh, I am really sad about that. I really wish they could translate it. I have seen a little part of the English translation. I am dying to read the whole novel.

  10. Nicole – Or we could … learn Japanese and then read the novel?


    I think some Japanese speaking people may have translated the story in a little bit here and there. I would have thought getting it professionally translated is important. Let’s see. At times Japanese novels do get translated and appear at the bookstore.

    *Keeping fingers crossed*

  11. I already tried looking in bookstores, but darn, there’s none. I am still learning conversational japanese:D yep, all we could do is to keep our fingers crossed:|

  12. Hye i just bought the Dvd last night in friendly records. it jerked a lil tears. cant find the books tho. sad thing. haruma miura s cute. nobody can wear a white dye and looking this cute.

  13. Emily-ChiSan – Ha ha ha … OK, so you are a fan of the main actor, like Cynthia. I think as a guy, I am more into the actress. Have a nice day!

  14. Spacebunny & Soo – Guess what? I bought the 2-volume book with Chinese translation today! Last copy.

    OK, this is going to be kind of painful for me to read as it is translated in Simplied Chinese. And I can only read Traditional Chinese … lol.

  15. Spacebunny & Soo – Oh, last copy at the bookstore at the basement of The Cathay. I am sure there should be stock in other bookstores.

    Sure, happy to pass around. Let me struggle with those Simplified Chinese characters first … lol.

  16. Soo – sell to me huh? i hope it’s the book store daylight robbery ok! 😛

    Wilfrid I hope you’ve started reading it already!! I’m so excited for u haha ^^

  17. Spacebunny – No lah … I was more thinking of lending to you … since you are a fan of that novel as well.

    Anyway, I am still on … page 1 … ha ha ha.

  18. I’ll be honest, if you lend it to me, I doubt I will ever return it. HAHA! I’m more comfortable in getting my own novel..can take my own sweet time to read it. ^^’

  19. u think msia will sell cheaper than spore? hehe… ok… if spacebunny couldnt get the book in spore, let me know. i’ll try to help.

    *i wunt rob u in day, but at nite should be quite reasonable right? wakakakak* 😛

  20. hey wilfrid, I just got my copy of koizora traditional chinese. ARRGHHH. Gonna have a hard time reading it… Yours is in simplified chinese? hehe..

  21. Spacebunny – Kino in Taka? I bought mine for less than S$12 and I got both volumes. I am more than happy to do the swap if yours is the Traditional Chinese. I can even pass the 2nd volume to you free if I can buy the 2nd volume from Kino that comes in Traditional Chinese. I really can’t derive the same level of enjoyment from reading Simplified Chinese.

    I can scan a first page to check out if that’s indeed Simplified Chinese. I think so … lol.

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