Ripping DVD Tracks For Your iPod, MP3 Player, And Wireless Phone

Playing Ayumi Hamasaki’s video on my new N95 8GB

Am I the only one who is obsessed with importing my favorite music video clips into a portable device while keeping each track separate? I have been asking my circles of friends, from techno-geeks to don’t-ask-me-I-am-just-a-user, but no one can give me a satisfactory answer. So I have decided to try to find an answer myself, an answer that is safe and free-of-charge. Click here for a dedicated article on how I do it.

Now, with more and more portable devices that are capable to play video clips in an acceptable size and quality, watching your favorite video clips on the go is indeed a God sent reality. Imagine, you are squeezed into a train and your destination is just a few stops away. You don’t have your book or magazine with you and you are bored staring at a train full of bored people. Listening to music is just not good enough. What shall you do? Yes, take out your iPod, or MP3 Player, or wireless phone and watch your favorite video clips. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is late again and you have absolutely nothing better to do, what shall you do? That’s right, take out your portable device, watch a clip or two of your favorite homemade video, and be reminded why you still love that person despite the fact that he or she is yet again late. Or when you are stuck in a jam at CTE, cars are not moving and you car is on handbrake, what shall you do?

Okay, probably not for the last scenario but you get the drift.

I am surprised that none of the mainstream software application allows ripping of DVD tracks into a portable format with a click of a button. We can rip audio track into MP3 format. Why can’t we do the same for the DVD that comes with the CD that I own? There are software applications out there that may do the job with just a click. Most of them are on trial version and not free-of-charge. I also have had bad experience installing and un-installing these third party software (even for that famous video converter for iPod) ended up with system corruption here and there. Finally, not many out there have the feature of allowing you to rip your DVD track-by-track much like the audio CD. Usually the end result is one huge video file that takes up too much space in your precious portable device.

So, are you ready to read more?

Disclaimer: My criteria may be different from yours.  If you are happy with installing trial or full versions of third party software, please continue to do so. I also prefer the total flexibility of extracting any part of the video that I want.

4 thoughts on “Ripping DVD Tracks For Your iPod, MP3 Player, And Wireless Phone”

  1. I have seen 2 of the Ayumi MTV on your phone and they looked gorgeous. Or rather she looked gorgeous in them 😉

    I think we’re fast reaching the age where a compact, integrated multimedia phone with shit loads of storage, is upon us.

  2. Darkspore – Man, I can’t agree with you more. She is gorgeous.

    I won’t be surprised that one day we won’t even need to worry about short of shortage in our portable multimedia devices. These days, I subscribe to CNN video podcast directly and each daily video is like 25 to 35MB downloaded into my phone directly via my wireless LAN. Something I wouldn’t have thought possible 10 years back.

  3. “I am surprised that none of the mainstream software application allows ripping of DVD tracks into a portable format with a click of a button”

    I think is for legal reason, DVD have copyright protection, a program that lifts that is an illegal piece of software.

    1. Thomas – True. I am sure it is for legal reason. However, if we buy CDs, more often than not, people rip the tracks into MP3 and play them on their portable devices. Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, and etc. have means to have us do that. I am just not quite sure what is the difference between CD and DVD from the legal perspective.

      Nevertheless, I am sure the demand is there. Personally I purchase DVDs and finding it hard to import videos into my wireless device. And there are people who download DVDs illegally in a format that makes import an easy task. I think the distribution mechanism needs to evolve to customers’ needs.

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