OK, Yet Another Little One Going To Call Me Uncle Soon

From left to right - me, John, Ja, and Cynthia

I need more RAM for my brain. Many friends of mine think that I have lots of friends in Hong Kong but the fact is, before I left the place at the age of 17, I lived my life more or less like a hermit. This morning, I was just going through the list in my head to see who I shall call up to catch up. Out of nowhere, my Thai friend Ja texted me with a Merry Christmas message. I almost banged my head onto the table … (that would have been too dramatic at the dining table in front of a bunch of my parents’ friends over late breakfast).

Back in year 2000, Ja and I and a bunch of friends (then-colleagues) were having a smashing time working at Mauritius. Ja and I kept in touch and she flew into Singapore for business often. Believe or not, I was amongst her first batch of friends who … *evil grin* … interviewed her then-new boyfriend John (now husband). John is a great guy and I attended their wedding at Bangkok with Cynthia and our Filipino friend Barbara (who was also one of the “interviewer” … ha ha ha … so evil). Of course, need not to say, Barbara and I gave John a 5-star rating.

I almost banged my head onto the table this morning because for the last 5 years, John and Ja have been working in my birthtown.  How could I have missed that?! Not only that, their first baby is due in less than 2 weeks! Within half an hour after receiving Ja’s text message, Cynthia and I were at their doorsteps. And we headed to Stanley for lunch. I have not handled a manual SLR camera for donkey years. John surely has some exquisite hobbies.


Gosh, can you guys believe it? Another little one is going to call me uncle soon! I suddenly feel so …

Let’s not get there. The picture on the right is taken from John and Ja’s apartment in Hong Kong. Nice ya?

5 thoughts on “OK, Yet Another Little One Going To Call Me Uncle Soon”

  1. Is it a lucky day that there is no pollution? 😛
    Nice to spend the xmas with your OLD friends back in HK. Nah…I’m not trying to say you are….
    cos’ I’ll feel OLDER :O

    Happy New Year!

  2. Tigerfish – Ha ha ha … I so see the word OLD loud and clear … Erm, yes, I was told that we are lucky because air pollution seems to be a big problem in Hong Kong right now.

  3. ECL – Happy Holidays to you too! Kor Kor would do nicely! Thank you very much 🙂

    Oh wait, you look younger than me from the pictures I have seen in your site right? Crap …

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