Very High Femininity For My Personal DNA? What The …

I appreciate the fact that talented people create online surveys to let people with a curious mind to analysis themselves … for free. I really do. But for God sake, if you are going to tell a dude like me that I am with a “very high femininity”, please follow up with a free counseling as well. I was devastated for days, tongue-tied, and shocked. Short of wanting to kill myself and press that “restart” button.

One day, I visited my buddy Choong Yong‘s website and was attracted to his personal DNA. I moused over his DNA and am agreeable to the findings. Yep, that is the Choong Yong I know. I did the test myself and after 11 pages of survey – very comprehensive and innovated I must say – I was devastated with the results.

Yes, I love to shop, love to cook, love to collect discount cards from Art Friend, Kinokuniya, Jumbo Seafood – just to name a few – and I am aware of which of my credit card gives me dining privilege at which food outlet. I do enjoy housework as well as ironing my own business shirts. I am lousy in road direction and I relate better with my female friends. And I love to watch romantic dramas on TV and on the big screen. BUT! Let me assure you. I am a MAN OF STEEL from inside to outside, from top to you-know-where.

Turns out that beside being high on femininity with a score of 88 (“very” to be precise), I score very high in the following areas (feel free to mouse over my personal DNA above): empathy (94), attention to style (94), openness (92), aesthetic (92), and confidence (82). That certainly describes who I am. I love to create and I love to encourage and inspire people around me (hence “encouraging creator”), that too I think is about right.

But still … very high femininity? Meh … I need to see a shrink to fix this.

PS. Click onto the link at my personal DNA to do the survey yourself.

9 thoughts on “Very High Femininity For My Personal DNA? What The …”

  1. Hahaha. Don’t fret. Very high feminity means that you can understand many of us and hence we can click! 😀 I appreciate those traits / qualities of yours actually! BTW, I just did the survey and I am a “benevolent director”! Haha… Extremely high in “attention to style” (98) and “agency” (96)! Hmm… What does that mean? Am still thinking…

  2. JT – “Agency” means how much you believe that you determine your own outcome and have control in life. I am the total opposite of you in that aspect. “Attention to style” is more on put in your own style and add in your own individualism. Don’t think we can read further by adding these two up. Just some attributes of ours I guess.

  3. Kiat – Pfftt … first comment to my site and you called me Ms Wilfrid … lol. I must say I was expecting more “counseling” from my this so-called-good-friend!

    Ha ha ha.

  4. Hey… you really don’t have to feel bad about your femininity. U r being true to your inner self…… :p

    Anyway, I’m sure your dear cynthia will appreciate this side of you and love every bit of it. 🙂

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