French Toast

I can’t remember when was the last time I made french toast but this image of french toast was my number one motivation when I took a swim early this afternoon.

Finally, the raining season is going, going, and sort of gone. We still have occasionally rainfall (look, this is a tropical country) but the day usually begins with a bright sunshine. In this time of the year, the breeze is cool to the skin. Perfect timing to do outdoor exercise.

My jogging ritual must have helped in building up my stamina, which by the way, my timing improves steadily shaving off 1 min from the last run record for 3 consecutive runs. I must have swam for 45 minutes with a hot sun above me and the cool water underneath.

The french toast was delicious – how hungry I was! – especially with those butter and honey. I mean, people exercise so hard so that they can eat to their hearts content … right?

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