Yui’s From Me To You … I Like

Unlike movie reviews that I can write on the same night I watch them, it takes time for music albums to sink in. One of my buddies asked me to review every album that I bought (from now on). I will try my best.

Ayumi sounds high pitch but her songs really don’t have those high notes. Yui sounds high pitch at times and those notes are really high. I don’t know if it is a Japanese fetish that every girl has to reach that high pitch to be considered as good, Yui does have that kiddie sound. For me, I enjoy it immensely.

A while back, I have written a review on the movie Midnight Sun – a wonderful movie acted by Yui herself as a musician. I have ordered the CD from Hmv.com.hk and within a week, the postman arrived at my doorstep. Hold up, I really wish to pay tribute to postmen. When my postman showed up at my doorstep, his yellow raincoat and especially his face was coated in dirt due to endless rain in Singapore and the wet road condition. It must be one of the thankless jobs in the world.

Back to Yui, Wikipedia has done an excellent job in describing her. I love her Indie background. Though the recording and music arrangement may not be top notch but her work is original. Yui’s music is more to to the rock side and it is not the typical Japanese music. The opening song sounded a bit like Love Psychedelico (yet another good rock band) and I dare say that Yui’s music is closer to the Western world than any other Japanese artists I have heard of. Some songs really sound like Michelle Branch or Avril Lavigne.

Do note that her album “From Me To You” doesn’t include the song “Goodbye-days” from the movie “Midnight Sun”. This album “From Me To You” has two songs that I really like (be patience with YouTube, just pause and make yourself a cup of tea).

First it is a slow song called “Feel My Soul” … I personally like the movie version but the album version is nice too. And there is a slow song that I really like. She may not sound exactly like in her album (who else can rival Ayumi who sounds the same be it as on stage or on album) but the video adds lots of texture to the song … love it when she sings “I’m a baby” and I love the ending of the video as well – classic rock ending.

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  1. I imported it from http://www.hmv.com.hk. The CD costs HKD 150 (Asia edition, that means it comes with a lyrics translation in Traditional Chinese) and shipping cost for 1st CD is HKD 39. That’s why I bought 3 items that brought down the per-item-shipping cost to HKD 24. Interestingly, HMV.com.hk gave me another HKD 100 discount for the 3 items I bought.

    Assuming that you only buy 1 item, that is HKD 189 … or S$36 and it will take less than 1 week to arrive at your doorstep. Compares that to Singapore HMV that will only import Japanese version (no lyrics translation) that costs S$75 and will have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks, I would say that I am happy with the import.

    These days I visit CD stores, I have come across quite a number of customers actually enquire about this album. Singapore distributors should really have known the market better that people do want to get the CD after watching that Japanese movie.

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