I Must Keep Running!

Drew this right after my jogging

My pair of spanking new running shoes are in tip top condition, the owner is not. Yesterday I jogged out of my lobby feeling light and especially happy that my shoes fit so well. I felt like gliding in air thinking that those gels underneath my feet must have been working real hard. Taking my “usual” 4.5km jogging route – by that I meant 5 years ago – my first challenge was to run up a small hill. Halfway, I felt like my lungs were collapsing, my heart was going to burst out of my chest, and my legs felt heavy. Not a good sign! I wanted to give up after … 45 seconds. If my 15 minutes of swimming is embarrassing, 45 seconds of running would not go down well in my history book. So I kept going … then I noticed something …

Initially I jogged with my eyes looking at the ground. Once I started to look at the sky and the far away scenery, I felt lighter. When I completed my 4.5km run, I was 40% slower than my “usual” record of 17 mins. Let’s see if I can be as fit as I was 5 years ago.


  • I had this image in my mind while I jogged and have decided to draw it out after a nice long rewarding shower.
  • Today my body aches like crazy.
  • I love my new running shoes.

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