Happy Feet – An Entertaining Movie Short Of A Great One

Happy Feet has all the right ingredients: lovely dancing penguins, great music scores, beautiful sceneries, and a unique concept that attracting a soul mate in this land of penguins is through a heart song. Mumble, a penguin that cannot sing but loves to tap dance, is the hero of the movie. Being an outcast, it is a story of how Mumble sets out a journey in proving his worth to his society.

Happy Feet has some really great dance sequence and from the animation perspective, it is top notch. Totally realistic. From the script and storyline perspective, there are still rooms for improvement. I draw parallelism with the movie E.T. and I accept the story development as it is. My movie buddies find the ending a bit far fetch and unrealistic. Regardlessly, since I am a penguin lover myself, I find the movie entertaining to watch – especially the dancing baby penguin.

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