Motor Show Singapore 2006

Every time when there is a motor show in Singapore, you know for sure that Robert and I will be there. Armed with our cameras (this time round I have my own), we took pictures of the cars that were worth photographing and models who are stunning. I have to admit that initially it was a bit uncomfortable to point my camera at the models (upon which the models would strike a pose). Towards the end, it was like a second nature. I don’t know how these models can sustain that sort of posture and photogenic smile throughout the show. It is a talent I suppose.

One thought on “Motor Show Singapore 2006”

  1. Most excellent stuff I must say, though according to a friend of mine, the cars on show were a tad disappointing. BMW and Mercs were not there, and there was nothing new about the concept cars. Anyway, who cares about the cars right 😛

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