How WoW Affected My Life

Every tuesday from 10pm till 3am, all the US World of Warcraft (WoW) servers are down for maintenance. So I always joke with my WoW gaming buddy in Singapore that tuesday is a “off” day for us.

In restropect, ever since I started playing WoW, I have saved a lot of money. For instance, I drop all the movie and dinner sessions (S$30 to S$40 per week) because I always rush home after work. Drinking sessions (S$30 to S$40). I get to eat early because once I started playing, I hardly have time to even visit the bathroom. I don’t need to spend money on any other form of entertainment (such as books, new computer games, and so on). I have maximised the usage of broadband Internet access and surely brought down the dollar paid per hour of usage. And last by not the least, my wife will have a peace in mind that I am always home after work each and everyday.

The game has affected me in many ways. From the most trivial of confusing real life with WoW life to the more serious case of dreaming inside the WoW after logging out from the game.

One day sending my wife to the airport, I stared at the orange sun on a cloudy sky and I exclaimed: Look, the sun just looks like the one in World of Warcraft! My wife’s immediate response was: Hey, it’s the other way round! The sun in WoW looks like the one in real life!


More dramatically, one night my wife felt warm and passed the teddy bear onto my side. That was in real life. In my dream, I saw an attack of a bear (very common in WoW) so I quickly cast a flame blast in close encounter while in real life, I overthrew the blanket knocking the teddy bear away. In my dream, the next response was to retreat backward and prepare for a fireball. And so I did, in real life. I back up all the way to the door and that was when I heard my wife said: It’s me.

The fact that the quest system in WoW is designed so successfully does not help either. I have perpetually a list of to-do quests and one quest leads to another. That is what I have been thinking of the whole day, wanting to return to the WoW world.

Of course, while bored during day time, it is best to daydream about all the sweet moments I have with people online. Nothing beats the friendship of people helping each other from similar levels, the honour of people who are at a much higher level spend time helping the lower level players to get through tough quests while getting nothing in return, the fun of people who joke with one another in the midst of a long fight, and the tears that shed for party to split in different ways.

I so love WoW. The passion is comparable to back then when I started dating.

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  1. Get back to your REAL WORLD! … Haven’t heard from you for a few days (no response to my recent email and no update on your website), I am kind of worry… If I don’t read any update on this web this morning, I will send you the sms… Luckily, you are there on web and I also know the reason of your disappearance recently… When I read along the passage, it’s kind of funny in one sense. On the other sense, it’s kind of terrible!! Honestly, I expect something like ‘I need to return back to my real world’ at the end… but horribly, it’s ‘I so love WoW’… Don’t you think the mix of WoW world and your Real World is getting serious… no. Actually, the WoW world has overwhelmed your Real World!!! I am sure the money-saving is just the very minor good effect and I am sure your wife would prefer your real mind with her instead of your body in front of the computer. No? Come on, bro! Come out of the WoW world and experience your own Real World! The Real sun in the Real sky should be a lot more beautiful as you can feel the warmth of the sunshine, the comfort of the breeze, your lover holding hand in hand, your feet on the ground… You see? The loveliest things God have made for us are nature and man. The WoW game is just the funniest thing Human made for themselves, which can in no way comparable to God’s artwork. Come back to the real world and appreciate the real things around you! Your sis is not in the WoW world and she needs your help right now (don’t you know that?)… Good thing can be good only when you don’t get indulged in it.

  2. Nick – Gosh, you have found this one old post of mine. I have been playing WoW since 2004. Then I stopped for a while, got my “life” back. Now playing casually. Still fun to play.


  3. Hi Wilf,
    Thanks for your quick response. I found link to this post as top result in google 🙂

    I started in 2006, was hardcore for 2 years but now am casual player. I play on proudmoore server.

    I am going to browse your articles from now.

    Thank You!

  4. Nick – Hey, thanks for a revisit 🙂 How do you find WOTLK? The new content is pretty good and I love the new hero class Death Knight. In my realm server, there are so many DKs. Every dungeon I go for these days will have at least 2 DKs, if not more. Must be insane for them to farm gears. I’ll wait till the craze dies down before continue to level my DK … lol. Which class are you into these days?

    And thanks for your support.

  5. New content is amazing but easy enought to get bored quickly. Yea everyone is making DK alt/main. DK starting zone is awesome.
    I play 80 Human Paladin, weekly 4 day raiding and rest dailies/pvp. I play on scheduled times with guild so it wont affect my eating/sleeping times. Hope I get a supporting wife like you.
    What server do you play on.

  6. Nick – Wow, that is not very casual … lol. My wife was not at all supportive but I think the turning point was … blood elf. She likes the look of blood elves.

    We play in Draenor. One of the old time server (like Proudmoore?). Yes, DK starting zone is awesome, the storyline is epic. I think even to buy WOTLK for DK starting zone, it is worth it.

    Most of my toons are stuck at 60s. Now part-time trying to push one of my two 70 toons to 80. Gosh, the journey is long! Ha ha ha.

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