The Howling Wind

I have not been writing seriously for a long time. Today came the inspiration as I heard the sound of the howling wind outside my windows. Hope you enjoy it. Perhaps one day I shall turn this into a song.

The howling wind outside my windows reminds me of a particular season of my home town. So strong that my bedroom door rattles – even with my windows closed. These atmospheric sounds, going through my head, enough to make me feel a certain unknown force that I have yet to feel for. A summon? A warning? Or the passing over of a higher being? My mind is all clear, no thoughts but sounds that I hear. A surreal moment that seems to rise above all meditations. My body is so relax as I am lying with my back on my bed – feeling dead.

As I am lying with my back on my bed, with my eyes closed, I cannot feel a single ounce of energy from my body. Not a single muscle of mine is working. All flaccid, limp, out-of-order. Not quite so. My heart is still beating and I am still breathing, am I not? Such a drain in energy. Outside, the force of nature. Inside, the shutdown of an organic machine.

A thought came into my mind: what would a painless return to mother nature be like? Like the final moment of a bee or a butterfly? How do they feel? Sipping of energy? Listless body? If a walk down the memory lane all the way back to the tunnel of light is a certainty, I wish I could take that walk any time I like. Like now, so drained of energy. Would time matters? Or could I take my time as I journey through this memory lane? There are already moments of my life I wish to stop over. Just to enjoy the lost moments. How I wish …

As my mind slowly shutting down portions of itself, the line between dream and reality blurs out. And all too soon for me to realise, the sound of the howling wind and the rattling door seems so distant from me. I do not remember hearing my heart beats, nor the sound of my breathing. I no longer remember the effort of my own life sustaining mechanism. And I do not recall such a vivid remembrance each night I fall asleep.

The howling wind sweeps me into another dimension as I surrender all of my conciousness.

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