2 Interesting Observations the Other Day

Yesterday as I was driving along the highway, my wife suddenly spoke up: Look! There is someone jogging along CTE (the highway in Singapore). I said: What? Are you sure? Is he in jogging attire? According to my wife, the jogger was an Indian man of age about forty-ish under bright daylight (really hot). Good luck to his lungs with all the pollutants and all.

When I arrived at the client site, I finally took up the honour to turn on the air-conditioner (all the time my colleague arrives before I do) and right after the air-conditioner kicked into action, I heard popping sound that resembled the popcorn making machine. How weird? Then, all of a sudden, I felt some particles hitting my face. And whatever hit my face has a chilling effect. Next, I began to see particles bouncing on the table top like marbles onto the floor. Soon, it was wetness everywhere.

Only then did I realise that the air-conditioner was shooting small ice particles. When I mentioned to my colleague later on, she told me that it is normal and happens all the time when she turned on the air-conditioner every morning.

In the end, I gathered that when the air-conditioner is turned off, the blower is off but the motor that circulates the coolant is not. The end result is that the part near the blower became very cold and ice is formed. When the air-conditioner is turned on every morning, the blower blows the ice particles out from the air-conditioner.

Interesting observations I have for a day.

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