I Said to My PC – Heal Thyself or Face Death

In exact words … I was about to strip my computer apart and sell off whatever I can. After all, I did a check with all my components and they are working fine each on their own so I wouldn’t feel guilty selling these parts away. But why the trigger? Hear me out.

One morning I woke up, looked at my mirror, and said to myself: God damn it! I am a graduate from the school of computer engineering and science and this computer of mine has been giving me both hardware and software problem. Can I not solve it? Frustrated, I gunned for drastic measure.

My options were clear – either sell off parts and get a Dell or keep my S$900 high end monitor and get a Mac Mini. And of course, another option was to get it fixed. Given the fact that I have been facing this annoyance for close to half a year, I would be better off getting a new one.

Interestingly, by following the diagnostic methodogically, the problem seemed to have gone away for good. However, I shall not boost too much because nowadays, you will never know. The same problem may just come back and haunt me again. The positive sign was that I was able to install my OS and applications without any registry corruption.

And as I shared my findings with my colleague this morning, he has suggested something else to enhance my solution. Tempting … as I have kind of downgraded the configuration of my computer for now. Risky it will be because everything is working very smoothly now.

Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “I Said to My PC – Heal Thyself or Face Death”

  1. I like your reflection (in your mind) in front of your mirror! Haha!! What I would suggest is… you deserve a better computer! Topics on your nasty computer appear frequently in your diary. If money can buy speed and happiness, let’s do it!!! There are enough frustration in our life and enough nasty people to face. So, there is no reason to top these up by having a nasty computer and there are just too many reasons to clear those nasty things up ASAP whenever we can.

  2. The problem is that I have spent quite a lot of cash on this computer of mine (about S$3,500) and unless I can recover some money after selling the parts, it is unlikely that I will fork out another couple of thousand dollars to buy a new one. This sounds logical right?

  3. yes, this sounds logical right… but may be this is a wrong investment on that nasty computer… whether continue investing hoping for the better or stop investing to end further lose is always a hard question… I think you are a lot better than in me in handling this type of question!

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