A Very Long Engagement – A Show Worth Watching

Yet another film played by the famous French actress Audrey Tautou. I have heard mixed reviews on this very long show (134 minutes). Although reviewers from Singapore’s newspaper gave this show a 4-star, who take their opinions seriously anyway?

A show about a girl, Mathilde, who went into great length in investigating her fiance Manech’s whereabouts. Manech has gone missing during a World War I episode. In doing so, she has uncovered the stories of couple of others that intertwined with Manech’s. Is this a romantic show? I guess it is more than a mystery genre to me. Did I enjoy it? Personally, very much so. And by the way, Jodie Foster was playing in the show speaking French. Came as a surprise to me.

10 thoughts on “A Very Long Engagement – A Show Worth Watching”

  1. loved the movie … loved the scenes, loved Mathilde, loved Manech, loved the prostitute. My reservation to give it a good review is the names of other characters are so confusing ! Even right after the movie ended, I couldn’t repeat the plot – who live and who don’t. Must be the French names..

  2. One of best French Movie i seen before, i known of someone who saw half a VCD disc and didn’t finished the rest.. well, she miss out a very awesome scene of expolsion of the Hot Air Balloon.. Sigh.. still feel that sometime awesome foreign film are neglected in Singapore.. Will fully support her (Audrey Tautou) next film “CoCo Avant Chanel” Yeah!!

  3. Ng – Come to think of it, I have totally forgotten the hot balloon scene! I must watch that again … lol.

    Any idea when CoCo Avant Chanel is coming to Singapore?

  4. Go to this website to have a look, there some nice “behind-the-scene” picture for CoCo Avant Chanel. However, you will need to register as a member to log in. Beatiful Pictures of her in the website, you will definitely not mind waiting a few weeks for the admin side to process you in..

    I believed it might be late Sept next year, filming still in progress

  5. Ng – Erm … which website ah?

    Late Sept 2009?! That is really, really far in time!

    But I will wait. It is Audrey Tautou. Everything she does will worth the waiting.

  6. Wil, sorry, the website is “http://audrey-tautou.org/”

    Might also need to wait for 2010 year, priceless was shown in France at around 2007 but was shown in Singapore at around 2008.. Hunting & Gathering was a bit faster, anyway they are all my speculation.. i also not too sure..

    Everything she (Audrey Tautou) does is indeed worth our wait..

  7. Ng – The site looks good! But need to register eh?

    Ya, usually it takes a while for the foreign films to arrive to Singapore. In some cases, the DVD is out before the film is shown.

  8. Woah, i did not know that the some foreign film DVD came before the movie.. Anyway, i will definitely catch Audrey Tautou on the big screen before the on DVD.

    Btw, i will be going to see “JOYEUX NOËL, Merry Christmas” on 16/12/08 at Alliance Francaise. The IMDB gave it a 7.8 rating, i believe it will be quite awesome..

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