How Some Organisations Should Learn From Online Games

How we may wish some of our bosses play online games more often. At times some organisations drive people nuts. I wish I could apply what I learnt from DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot) to my working life.

  • Team up at the right level
  • Skill set is important
  • Never pull a resource out during the project
  • There is so much endurance one has
  • If people are not having fun, they will leave the team
  • Leadership is everything

Team Up at the Right Level

I learnt much from DAoC that teaming up at the right level is important. For instance, if I am a level 30 fighter, there is no point in grouping with a level 5 healer. Chances are, I will be dead long before my healer can heal me. And guess what? Very soon, my healer will be dead too. Teaming up a very junior consultant with a senior consultant is not effective. Definitely need something in between.

Skill Set is Important

Very often, my organisation assigns resource based on availability rather than skill set. That is really bad. If you play DAoC, you know that having the right skill is very important. Teaming up with people of the right skill set is crucial to group success. People should complement each other. If majority of my group are fighter class, time to recruit healers such as clerics.

Never Pull a Resource Out During the Project

During a fight in DAoC, each group member focus on bring down the monsters. No one leave the group during a fight. It is just counter-productive. Sigh … wish my bosses realise that. By pulling out resources during a project is like having team members leaving the group during a fight. It is a doomed move.

There is So Much Endurance One Has

You just can’t slave drive people. Each of us has limit. In DAoC, each character has a certain amount of endurance. When the endurance runs out in the middle of a fight, you know that is when trouble begins.

If People are not Having Fun, They will Leave the Team

This is obvious. People join a group and fight together. But if they are not having fun, they will just leave the group and find another group. Work-wise, it is the same. Do you really expect people to stick around if they are not having fun? No way! Be creative and add the fun to working life.

Leadership is Everything

I lead group in DAoC and I am led by others. Leadership is important. One trivial mistake can lead to the doom of the entire group. I look into the eyes of my group and I feel a sense of responsibility. If you are not fit to be a leader, step aside. Make someone else a leader. At least that is what we do in DAoC.

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