I’m Going To Be So Miss Dark Age Of Camelot (DAoC)

I can’t remember when I have started playing Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) – one of the online games – but I felt as though it has been a while. Did I start right after my mother and sister left Singapore in mid January? I can’t remember no more.

Tomorrow hopefully I shall receive my copy of World of Warcraft (WoW). That will end my journey with DAoC. It is kind of sad because I have built my friend list there and I have built a character that is more than half way to the highest level. It reminds me of my university days when I have to leave the mudding game because I was no long having a valid user account.

It has been hard to leave DAoC for certain. ML has been more than a good mentor to me. He is going to retain his account in DAoC and we shall move onto WoW. Let’s hope that WoW is as good, if not better, than DAoC.

And I shall open up a new category under My ThoughtI just for WoW. Stay tuned.

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