My Trip to Geylang (Red-light District in Singapore)

Note (2009.11.20) – For some strange reason, the search engines really like this post.  Well, if you are looking for information on the sex industry in Singapore, this post is not the one.  More like a comic relief.  But since you are here, prostitution is legalized in Singapore, only within designated areas.  Please practice safe sex.  Cheers!

My wife is on business trip again so what do I do? I called up my friend for a trip down to Geylang, the red-light district in Singapore.  Ya! Geylang, the paradise for some of us! On the way out of my home, I was contemplating to wear or not to wear my wedding ring.  Nah.  This sort of things don’t mix.  Too messy.  All geared up I was, I picked up my friend at his home and heading to Geylang we went.

As we were walking along the streets of Geylang, we were debating which place to go.  Familiar places we have a few in mind.  In the end, we have decided not to go for the expensive ones, nor the cheap ones, just the mid-range ones would do.

Couple of months ago, there was used to have plenty in stock.  This time round, the choices are significantly lesser.  Perhaps it was the timing.  We could be too early and they just haven’t arrived.  It couldn’t be that so many got taken so early, right?

Made do with what was left, we were pondering to go for the Thai ones or the Malaysia ones or the God-knows-where ones.  My friend asked me how “hungry” I was.  Hungry of course I was!  The last time I had any was back one or two months ago!  At first he suggested one each and I counter-suggested to have three to be shared amongst both of us.  He gamed for it and so three we have!

Staring at one after the other, it was so hard to make a choice.  You really don’t know what’s underneath and they all kind of look the same to me.  In the end, we asked the boss to make the choice for us.  Just bring us three would do! And of course, we specified the price range and the nation they came from.

I have totally lost track of time.  It must have been a half-an-hour session (although the boss would be happier if we stayed longer and have more) and me and my friend seldom talked.  All action.  He was having a good time with his and I with mine.  Time must have flown when you are having fun.  Number one was nice.  Not too big, not too small.  I just loved it.  So soft and just melt into you.  Then again, perhaps not fair because according to the law of diminishing margin of returns, the first one is always the best.  Number two was relatively more “meaty” while number three was a very petit size – hardly a hand-full.

After the act, we both agreed that number two was the best and the most satisfying out of all and number three was just too small.  I commented that next time we shall make the choice ourselves – have all like the number two type.

I actually wanted more but my friend couldn’t take it anymore.  Okay then, some other days return we shall!  I am sure we both stink like crazy but who cares!  It was pure indulgence, the price was right and I have hell of a good time.  Value for money.

*     *     *     *     *

It’s a pity that my wife doesn’t like durian (a tropical fruit in Asia), which in my opinion is one of the best fruit that God has created.  S$20 for 3, what more can I ask for?  Looking forward to the next feast.  And dare I say the durians in Geylang are the best in Singapore.

19 thoughts on “My Trip to Geylang (Red-light District in Singapore)”

  1. But Wilfrid, you can’t deny there is a cheeky undertone here! Back to durians, believe it or not, I never had one in Geylang and had tried only about 3 times in my life!

  2. you go out and do some other chick, are you fine with your wife going out and doing the same thing? just picturing your wife doing it with all these other men. must be.

    1. Daniel – You must have skipped the entire post and hence got the wrong message. That’s OK. Many Internet surfers these days speed read (myself included). It is hard to stay focus on so many things that happen in the blogosphere.

      Back to your comments, thank you for your concern. This post is written based on a Durian eating experience I had with my friend. Geylang is a red light district in Singapore. But it also has some of the finest food in the city. During durian season (a fruit and it is a regional delight that has a pungent smell for those who have not tasted it), stalls are set up along the streets. And durians come from different countries, with different price tag. Usually, the Thai one – called Golden Pillow? – is one of the more expensive ones.

      Hope this clarifies though.

  3. Lol”s.. it got me there a second thinking u really screwed the girls there.. hahahahahahaha… it’s a nice joke though.. Durians eh.. 😛

  4. Haaahahaaaa! Nice one! I guess a lot of people do not even know what a durian is lah! Or maybe they are trying to put a sex meaning into it – hey baby, how big is your durian (hopefully, not how smelly)! I must admit that, despite the fact that you clarified from the very beginning that this was not about sex, it was kind of misleading… Nevermind. It was worth it, thanks!

  5. Haha.. u really get me there bro. I thought u screwed a girl. Then a durian wth why there a durian in this post. Then i get it.. good joke bro..

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