Messy Western Baby

took the above photos when I had my lunch at the Botanical Garden. I was in shock when I witnessed the baby just playing with the plate of rice by pounding the spoon onto the plate for a good half an hour or more. Rice flying everywhere and if you think that the table was messy, the floor was worst. The poor waiter has to clean the floor a couple of times while the baby was having fun and the mother was just not giving a damn!

What shocked me more, besides at one time the baby dropped the spoon onto the floor and his brother picked it up from the floor and gave it back to the baby (guess what, the baby licked the spoon clean!), was the baby’s mother after seeing much of the rice was “eaten” refilled the plate with even more rice. What sort of motherhood is that?

I was used to admire the way Western culture brings up the children – teaching their kids more independent and all. Now, I really admire the Chinese way of upbringing – discipline and respect.

Well, I may be bias but you must understand the emotion I am going through with these pictures.

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