More Similar Than I Thought

I remember towards the end of the the show “Something’s gotta Give”, the mother said to her daughter that they probably have more similarity than her daughter have thought ever since she was young. Having my mother and sister flying from Hong Kong visiting me over the weekend surely reminded me that amongst us, we do have a lot of things in common. Walking in the Botanical Garden after lunch was like having three of me walking together. All three of us took our time strolling in the park, observed everything from flowers to tree shapes, taking photos on every unique locations, and just walking till dusk. The entire experience was so enjoyable.

Back at home, my mother was showing the photo album that my father has composed in video format. My father must spent a lot of effort in making a 40 minutes slide show with background music, the photo selection and arrangement, and the title texts and effects. It must have been an obsession for him. And according to my mother, this video copy is already the “Greatest Hits”. I wouldn’t be able to image for a full length video will look like. At times, I have no doubt that all my passion and obsession in everything that I do – right now it is music making – comes from my father.

And back to the Botanical Garden trip, I have taken a total of 180 photos not counting those that I have deleted on the spot. Of course, that is nothing compare to my mother’s reputation in taking thousands of photo whenever she has a holiday overseas.

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