Baby Step on Jealousy?

Interestingly, whenever I listen to my old vocal recording, I always find it horrible. Looking from past to present, it is an improvement. Looking from present to past, it is pure embarrassment. Good thing or not? I would rather be like Cynthia who is born with a good voice and no need to do 30-40 minutes warmup (like I do) before recording.

Just to further elaborate, my band member Jason for instance would politely ask me to lower the key of the song or suggest (sometimes subtlely) someone else to sing the song if he thinks that I can’t make it. And he suggested that Cynthia should sing the high part of the song Jealousy.

Today, I sang the song Jealousy with the new technique I have learnt over the last month (read: I have not been singing that song for a month) through the acoustic amplifier and my new classical guitar. Surprisingly, Cynthia found it ok to listen to. She mentioned that I am relax and consistent. (Just for the record, the last time I sang that song, Cynthia pointed out at least 26 words I went flat. Horrible.)

That is indeed an achievement because to earn that ok (and not great as cautioned by Cynthia) is not at all easy. I guess it is indeed a baby step. I do really want to able to sing the entire song without lowering the key or pass it to another vocalist again (like what I have done for 2 of my songs for the band already). After all, the instrumental track of the 16 minutes and 32 seconds song has been recorded so the key cannot be lowered.

God help me so …

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