A Song That Goes On And On

LC introduced me to DJ Tiestos’s Close To You. And she is right. You can just keep playing this song again and again and keep on wanting more. It is true. For the entire day, I listen to nothing but Close To You. I grew so addict to the artist that I actually bought one of his latest album today.

The beauty of the song mainly comes from the tune and the very sexy lady voice. But the gem comes from the lyrics itself. LC asked me to listen to the lyrics of the song and see what I get out of it. I had so many interpretation ranging from a song sung by the ghost, to someone who is very depressed over the lack of love, to a song to be sung to a lover who is buried under the tombstone.

LC has a different perspective and it has completely blown my mind away. Why don’t you try to decipher and have it posted as a comment. I will post what LC thinks later on.

The lyrics of the song can be found in http://lyrics.trancestation.nl/79 and this song can be downloaded quite easily via the Internet.

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