Upstairs Neighbour Having Fun in the Middle of the Night

Back in UK while I was staying at the accomodation provided by the University, it was quite common to hear the “bed squeaking sound” from upstairs. Occasionally you would hear the sound of moaning. Those were the days.

It is Singapore. Even when I was living in a government housing block, I did not get to hear the “music” from upstairs. Last night however, in the condo of mine, the “bed squeaking sound” just appeared from no where. Do I have new neighbour moving in after months of vacancy?

When I went to bed last night, because the weather was quite cool, I didn’t turn on the air-con. And it was this quietness did I realise my newly occupied neighbours from upstairs were having fun of their own.

My mind was actually drifted back to my Oxford days. I remembered the block where I was staying. The coldness. The darkness. The foreigness. All the oh so sweet memories. What can I say? Golden age of mine.

The pattern from upstairs was interesting. Seemed to me that there were plenty of resting between the actions. Actually I was not paying attention to what was happening upstairs. My mind was flooded with memory.

Before I know it, I heard the footsteps towards the bathroom and water was flowing down the bath tub pipe.

And that was when I fell asleep.

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