Coincidence + Tempo

I have always been telling my friends that my life is full of coincidence. And of course my friends’ replies are always – just ordinary coincidence.

Yesterday, during my business lunch appointment, I saw one of my ex-colleague whom I have not seen for at least a good couple of months. Then, on the same day, I bumped onto her again while I was waiting for my dinner partners to arrive.

And yesterday I had dinner with this two friends of mine from work and today, at the same place I met them the day before, I met them again buying dinner at the same stall.

Life sometimes makes me wonder a little bit.

Back to the recording of my solo album, I can’t believe that I have spent 2 hours just to re-discover the exact tempo for all my 16 songs. I have to play through most of each song with the metronome to get the exact tempo prior to the actual recording. This is getting time consuming. And of course, during which, I re-scan the keys of the songs and make sure that they are not too high or too low.

Hopefully I can get the album out before Valentine next year.

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