One Cool Discovery and One Sad Discovery

Sad discovery goes first. Today, I dug up one of the song that I have lyrics completed back in Nov 12 with the first verse recorded. I wanted to finish the song especially the title of the song Emptiness does suit today’s mood. Once I have written the melody of the 2nd verse, I realised that the two verse may not gel and most disturbingly was the fear that the song will become one of the “non-jamable” items.

I then discarded the entire 2nd verse and repeated the chords from the 1st verse. It sounded ok but when I listened to the previous version, this new “jamable” piece was just too ordinary. All of a sudden, my fountain of creativity just ran dry on me. How sad to realise that.

And then I moved on recording the Cantonese song (again!) with my dynamic mic. I went bored and that was when the cool discovery kicked in.

I muted most of the 12-string guitar track and only played it at some of the song’s transition. In another words, I sang the song with just the beat and no music in the background. When I listened to the entire recording with the music track, I can’t tell that the vocal track was recorded mainly without any music background.

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