Letter to Cynthia: Things That I Miss

Over this few weeks in Mauritius, I feel as though I have learnt a fair number of good lessons.  On top of that is Things-I-Shall-Not-Be-Taken-For-Granted.  For instance, living in a place where you have good public transport is not an always.  Being able to do some shopping after work is not an always.  Mass with choir is not an always.  Petrol stations that open after nine in the evening is not an always.  Water supply at client site is not an always (imagine everybody never wash their hands after going to the toilets).  A movie theater showing multiple films in English is not an always.

Is it all that bad in Mauritius?  As a tourist, you may actually enjoy Mauritius … with a high cost.  Personally, I find the sugar cane fields pretty interesting (now that I move to the new hotel, I don’t get to see the sugar cane field anymore).  Although I always complain that the weather in Curepipe, where I work, is terrible (always rains as Curepipe is on the highland), I do get to see a rainbow from time to time.  Although I don’t get to see the beach anymore, I do enjoy seeing the lines of tankers along the port.  Mauritius does have enough beaches to keep you interested.  What I really want to find out is that whether people do get to swim in these beautiful beaches.

The hotel is indeed a very nice place to stay.  Kind of remind me of my days in Paris.  Maybe I am a man who likes to live in luxury, dress in luxury, and dine in luxury.  Will I want to stay in a beach house?  I don’t know.  Definitely I will have a kitchen where I can cook, a refrigerator where I can keep my stuffs, a washing machine to handle my laundry, and plenty of space for me to move around.  Do you think you can help me to decide?

Gosh … can’t wait to be back.

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