I Begin to Like Malaysia

Social life being an expatriate is definitely something worth looking forward to.  Especially having such a big group of people around us.

A mobile phone seems to be one of the necessity for having a decent social circle.  Tonight, we all went out for a dinner led by Lily.  Adeline left a bit earlier then us promised to join us a little bit later.  Lily asked me to give my phone number to her but she gave hers to me instead.  Alvin quickly summoned me later on and told me that it is a “sign”.  Sign?  Can’t see.

All of us feeling hunger and could not wait.  So we persuaded Alvin to take his work and finish it during the ride to KL.  Man, what a real consultant.  Have to work during the traffic jam.

After eaten a lot of food, Adeline took a taxis and went home.  Lily had to lead us out of KL.  Just when we were walking towards the car park, Adeline called me and told me that she has left the organiser in the hawker centre.  Yen Pin, Alvin and me took a long walk and found her organiser.  But we couldn’t find the key.  Anyway, in the end, she arrived in Merz and took the organiser.

Interesting girl.  What an eye contact during lunch time.

Lily called and said goodnight. Isn’t that sweet?

I begin to like Malaysia.

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