If Only I Have an Answer

So, it has finished.

This so called second love affair of mine has finally come to an end.  Few days ago, I still wondering what will happen the day when the project ends.  But it just turns into such an ugly scene.

My eyeball ‘burst’ and I still hope that it will recover.  But it shows no good sign of recovery.

So many mistakes I have made and I just wish that the project will end real soon.  Counting the days, I have become.  What would the reminding days be?  I have no idea.  Will it be more painful than before?  Still too early to say.

But what have I done wrong?  And what have I done to deserve this?

If only I have an answer.


  1. Floipy – Ha ha ha, could be! Gosh, how did you manage to dig up such an old (and significant) post of mine out of almost one thousand blog entries?!

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